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Okay, vote time.

This time, due to the complaints I received last time, I won't use big bold text at all. I'm going to go the extra mile for you hard to please people, and make it extra small.


Forst Rush Zon [AKA Copypasta "Zon"] Zone by Scizor300

Rating: 4/10 - Mediocre

Well, this wasn't the first time I ever played the map, as you played it with me once before. Heck, it was sitting in my Downloads folder, I should have taken it and submitted it as my work. Oh wait, why would I do that? Ha, anyways, I gave this a 4, because although it wasn't anything remarkable, it was admittedly fun to play on. Obviously a lot copy and pasting, but still... It's fun to rail someone going off one of the springs, and see them fall the long way back to earth. [WARNING: FROM HERE ON TO THE END OF THIS POST THERE IS NOTHING RELEVANT TO YOUR MAP IN THE LEAST] Hmm, someone should make a really good forest match map one of these times. Maybe me. After I finish Peaceful Past Zone. And my mod. Crap, too much to work on. If only I had 3 lives, one for social life and hobbies, one for SRB2, and one for... I dunno, maybe I could get into WoW or something just to use it up.

Sandstorm Zone [AKA I just randomly made lots of sectors Zone] by Dails

Rating: 3/10 - Bad

I'm looking at this one in Doom Builder right now, and it looks like you just hit the linedef button and stretched it in all different directions. All at once. Then, you randomly plopped things down in random places, regardless of quantity. To top it all off, you added floating rocks for a ceiling, and a few towers of poor texture choice. And sand. Nevertheless, it wasn't absolutely horrid, and there was a few good ideas, like the sand fall and the bustable block with the grenade ring inside. It needs moar sandstorms though. Oh, and what's with the sand, did you pee in it or something?

Zero Effort Flower Zone IIIIIIIN SPAAAAAAACE Act 12 [AKA Awsum Greenflower Zone] by D00D64

Rating: 7/10 - Good

I wish I lived here, it has everything I would ever want. A nice red brick cottage. A tower with a circle of glass on top. A plateau to picnic on. Multiple escape craft to fly away in case of an emergency. And curves, lots of curves. They look nice with a Greenflower texture. They give the whole place a rather chiq flair.

AccursedDonut.wad [AKA Dyabeetus Zone] by Charybdizs + Colson

Rating: Over 9000/10 - Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing!

Cheers to all those who took this seriously. In case anyone didn't get this... This was a response to the level "AccursedShip.wad" that was going around a lot on the MS a while. It was made by Jaice/DeathMau5/Fud, and was actually a big fail of a level. It consisted of a big pit of [non colormapped] water, and a translucent ship. And, did I mention, only one spring to get out of the water? And only Rail rings. Anyways, my map is quite a lot better, although it still [intentionally] stinks. I got the idea to it one time after seeing the Accursedship.wad server way too many times. Then, it morphed into this, and I submitted it to the OLDC. Why? Clearly it stinks. I submitted it solely to make people laugh. Everyone loves a good joke, and I know I cracked some of you up. Mission accomplished.

Originally Posted by Mystic
Try checking out level design 101 for some general ideas for layout.

Apparently there is a few people who didn't get the joke, so I just need to clear this up. I knew what was wrong with this map the moment I made it. In fact, I made it that way on purpose, for the reasons stated above. Don't you think I know how to design a serious level? Well, it's true that Misty Mire may have had an unforeseen error in it, but still. I've clearly made better than this, and am capable of more. In fact, the only reason I didn't have a serious entry this contest, was because they are taking more time, and weren't ready yet.

Oh, and something about the name... I just happened to notice that everyone calls every dumb wad by its complete filename. e.g. House21.wad, HMS1123211.wad, stuff like that, so I thought it was only appropriate to name this the same way. XD

Ah, how mean I am to associate Colson with this pile of dung when all he did was scatter some things around and give me a few ideas. You hear that Colson? I'm soiling your name bigtime!

Egg Hanger Zone [AKA Deathtrap Loudnoise Zone] by KO.T.E. and Spherallic

Rating: 6/10 - Decent

I was seriously expecting something GREAT here, and I was sorely disappointed. I started on the outside area, and immediately saw the cool dropping blocks. As, they say, curiosity killed the fox. I just jumped out, flew around a little, flapped my tails around, and flapflapflapflapflapMEOWsquish. And then, I was dead. For the first time of many times. From there I proceeded to run and flap around the level, enjoying the exhilarating feel of stepping on electrity grids placed in narrow halls, and excessive bounce rings flying in every direction. And then, when I thought it couldn't get any better, a sound 3 times as loud as the normal sound effects blasted out of my speakers, thrilling me to the bone. Then I went to walk out on a laser platform to grab some convenient ammo, and I fried my furry little toes off, and died.

It's like you guys just tried to make this place a living hell. I can honestly say that I enjoyed Forst Rush Zon better than this. Sure, it's beautiful, but as our very own Mystic says in similar words, decoration isn't everything, and I have to say I agree with him in this case. The level is terribly cramped, with jutting structures to stop your every move, and obstacles meant to harm you every other step. Almost all the points I'm giving you are for creating a level that is really cool to look at.

Oh, and well I'm at it, whats with the lasers and the arrows that beckon you to enter into a trap? I thought there'd be a cool teleporter or something, but no, I just lost all my hard earned pillaged weapons.

Capture the Flag:

Frozen Destruction Zone [AKA Unoriginal Freeze Zone] by Scizor300

Rating: 4/10 - Mediocre

Huh, I can't say I absolutely hate this map, but it sure didn't strike me as being great. For one thing, the ice theme is SO overused, can't you PLEASE think of something else next time? There's so much room for imagination with all the textures, music, skies, and linedefs.

At least the bases were unique though. I liked the series of steps up to them, and how you could just go flying out as soon as you grabbed the flag. That's all that is really good about it though. The rest consisted of a bunch of bland trails above a giant sky pit.

Angle Forest Zone [AKA Long Fun Road Zone] by Katmint

Rating: 7/10 - Good

Well, I've seen a lot of hate for this zone, and I can't say I understand it. Sure, it has it's glaring flaws, such as the thok barrier sky walls, and the lack of texture variation. A lot of people complained about how long it was, and how it felt like a big obstacle course. I can't say I find that a bad thing. The long obstacle course feel of it made it an actual
accomplishment to capture the flag, and it was a heck of a lot of fun to sail down the hallways full speed avoiding fire. And then, careening out into space in the giant lake room to bounce off the springs and go flying through the air. It had a flair that I've never seen in any other CTF level, and it was the funnest one of all of them to play. In fact, so fun that I made a special request to play it on Red-er, Rainbow Dash's server today. And really, I don't see why everyone freaks about the spring panels. Sure, it's a relatively cheap gimmick, but it's not that hard. I didn't die once on them, until I got cocky and started taking them 3 at a time, and falling short. They also gave a HECK YEAH feeling when you bounced across them fast while being pursued.

This level
definitely could use some polishing though, style wise. It seems rather slapped together. Sure it's a rush job, but still, I've noticed that in all your levels. Fun anyways though, and if people hate it, it's probably just because they're spoiled by ridiculously easy Lime Forest captures. *smirk*

Mossy Mushroom Zone [AKA Needs Moar Ponies Zone] by Rainbow Dash

Rating: 8/10 - Great

What is this I don't even...

This is so pathetically disappointing.
I wanted some magic.
Or some castles.
Or at least a freaking apple orchard.
But no, all I get is a bunch of mushrooms.
Thanks for nothing.


Lost Feelings Island [AKA Beyond Words Zone] by Internet Explorer

Rating: 10/10 - Epic

Definitely the best race level I've seen. There is so much to praise in this level I'm not not even going to bother with the things other people said. The level fits the name perfectly. It's almost as if the level is composed of people's shattered and discarded memories, as evidenced by the unexpected holes in the floor, and the chunks of flying sod. I can tell you put so much love into this level, it's wonderful. You've progressed very fast in level making...

A few tricks I love in this level, too. First to come to mind is the white moving FOF to represent wind. That was just a really innovative way to do it.

The only problem with this level is that it is sometimes easy to stray from the path, especially in the beginning. That alone does not stop it from being worthy of it's Epic rating though.

Oh, and I SO want to play H&S on this level. I have yet to check if it supports it yet though. Personally I think it should just be standard for people to make their race/match levels support H&S, because it can be feasibly played about anywhere but giant Single Player levels.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone [AKA Recolored Acid Valley Zone] by Miles Knuckle Prower
Rating: 2/10 - Awful

Huh, what is this? It suffers all the same faults of Acid Valley, although not to the same extent. I think you need to take some lessons from the other good race levels. Not such huge areas, cheap decorations, wide obstacles, and please no zoom tubes to loop back to the start.



Wasn't the greatest OLDC, but it definitely had it's enjoyable moments, and it's laughing moments. I would hate to see it stop altogether, but perhaps it might be a good idea to do it less frequently? perhaps 4 or 3 a year instead of 6?

Anyways, whatever the case, I hope to finish Peaceful Past Zone, which I've mentioned so much, for the next one or two, who knows. It's a fairly in depth project, but I assure you I'm not cutting any corners. :D
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?

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