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I am disappointed with this Single Player Contest that's for sure...

~Single Player~
Level: Lakeside Hill Zone
Name: Dail

Rating: 2

This level felt like a rush job or a 1st level, I was being careful because going through a map your not familier with can lead to problems, but this map ended so quickly that I forgot that I even played it, it begs to have more effect put into this, really.
Level: Outerspace Threat Zone
Name: Miles Prower Knuckle
Rating: 1

[19:03.38] <SonicX8000> What the f...
[19:03.47] <SonicX8000> 1 second into the level, BAM!, dead
What am I seeing here? A Eggman Boss protected by a Laser Block which hurts the eyes due to how big it is and flashing and also prevents you from doing anything to the Boss, but what's this? I saw Missiles and then I figured what your suppose to do here, bring the missiles into his face to deal damage.

Oh wait... he's a smaller target to hit with Missiles so pretty much it's almost impossible to ram a Missile into him because you have to be close just to line up your shots correctly, but by then he would of moved out of the way and thus you have to wait even longer to get another Missile. I only managed to hit him twice before I gave up because the level dragged on too long.

Hopefully I didn't post pass the deadline like last time...
Currently thinking of something to put here.

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