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For shame, people. If y'all cannot do better than tossing in filler maps just for content next time, we prolly deserve to have the OLDC taken away from us until 2.1 (which I suspect is being discussed already).

== MATCH ==

Forst Rush Zon Zone (...) by Scizor300 - 2/10
- Semi-entertaining thanks to the chaoticness and the red springs, but you and I both know this is essentially a non-entry

Sandstorm Zone by Dails - 4/10
- Reminds me of Volcanic Desolation from the first 2.0 contest. That wasn't terribly good either.
- You can engage in some cute mind games on the towers, but beyond that there is not really anything noteworthy

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64 - 4/10
- Ironically a claustrophobic nightmare. Good effort though, now make real match stages again :p
- I once managed to achieve a monstrous spring launch at that little waterfall, caught at/over 5 seconds of air time, and stuck the landing on top of that steel tower. F'n sweet. Trying using a gimmick like that on something.

AccursedDonut.wad by Charybdizs - 4/10
- This one gave me a laugh when it loaded. I might have been tempted to score it a touch higher if there weren't so much other crap submitted
- There's some salvagable content here I think - bouncing across platforms floating on water was neat (though it makes you rail bait), and sorry Mystic but it was awesome using the donut sprinkles as cover to duck around and kick your ass with ;)

(I will probably never win a round with Mystic in it ever again)

Egg Coat Hanger Zone by KO.T.E/Spherallic - 6/10
- "Can't see shit" colormap
- The layout and texture useage is just kind of a cluttered, unmemorable mess, though it at least plays competently. Still, i'd consider throwing out/remodeling some of these rooms completely
- Remove some bounce ammo
- You appear to have rowdy neighbors hiding in this map. Tell them to stop making that shrill fucking racket at random intervals

== CTF ==

Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 - 3/10
- Take the base layout, un-break it for Knux, refine it and make something of it in a different map. Scrap everything else.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint - 1/10
- Oh god, what?
- Seriously, one of the most unplayable CTF maps i've seen. Consists entirely of one narrow maze (with about 3 textures), with blind corners everywhere to instill paranoia, and the place apparently winds through the twilight zone. Takes forever to finish, even if one team really sucks, because camping is about the only way to play - I know I was ready to beat my head on a wall at about the 15 minute mark. Unsalvagable.

Mossy Mushroom Zone by RedEchidna - 6/10
- Fun if generic when the mushrooms are not considered
- Suffers from a little of the "blind corner paranoia" of the previous map
- Scrap the bases for the above reason
- One-way mushroom bouncing over a deathpit is a little cruel to ask when there's lag. Tone that down somewhat.


Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer - 5/10
- Previously known as "Isle of Software Renderer Errors (Shield your eyes o visitors)"
- Very flashy, but lacks the finesse to not be a near-total thokfest
- Occasionally unclear where to turn
- Not that I have a problem with marathon circuit maps per se, but i'd do something about the length, seeing as if you're a lap behind when the leader finishes, you're all but guaranteed to time over.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 1/10
- Congratulations, you made Acid Valley again except with every shred of redeeming value vaccuumed (burnt?) out. There is nothing here.
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