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Hello everyone.
Honestly, it's a contest plea. I agree that there are work days, but a little time on the levels would not be asking too much. Admittedly, this is a video game, but ... when talking about competition, it gets a little more than a game . It's starting to become slightly a sort of question of honor.
If I mention this is that it can rest on your seriousness in general.
Here, notice that you are rated by your work. By the advice of other people worldwide.
Anyway ... some can not possibly show their potential by certain conditions (they have no access to the computer often, he did not have time, etc ...)
Well, if I can give you some advice, feel free to spend more than 2 months. You are not necessarily obliged to participate in all competitions.
As the saying goes that I invented :
Better to skip a competition and make a level who can win that do two in a row with two levels bad.

For those who want the notes, here.


Lakeside Hill Zone by Dail : 2 / 10

... I have not seen much. Platforms fly may suggest a good job ... but it's copy and paste. I even managed to run without falling over so it was close.
The variation of texture is bad. GFZ and textures of those HPZ rocks are not suitable . It might be a little practice before the contest. The style of nature can be as effective as mechanical theme, you just know the maneuver !

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Prower Knuckle : 2 / 10

Well? What happened? Why am I dealing with an impossible boss?
I put 2 points for changing the game (SOC),but not more because unfortunately, you haven't spent any time here.
I hope Mobius Armaggedon will show what you can do, because's isn't good, here.


Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 : 5 / 10
Well ... that's not bad. The sectors are well placed, except in the bases ... it's a funny whirlwind I've seen here. I had a little trouble to come up with Knuckles. Especially when I have the flag ... I can not climb, so I can not bring the flag to the base. It's bad, that.
Now the items ... then ... the rings : 90% copy and paste. Star rings ... you should occasionally create straights of rings. Groups of rings are not very good.
The items ... um, yes, a little improvement in the side where they aren't everywhere. They are placed in the right places.
Oh, and boxes of rings, the wiki said to put a lot of rings, but not at the point to have thirty boxes...
The majority of the note is positive on the sector, because I love the way you've constructed.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint : 3 / 10

Katmint ... I seem to see my first level design. Only for that, I was a nice bit on the note. Reminds me of the little paths that I put in Boogie Palace ...
Be careful, this is a small handicap that I have, too, and that is hard to cure. Creating a balanced level is more difficult than it seems.
... First, please, forget me this stupid idea springs blue .. it's a challenge that is difficult but mostly lazy and bad.
Then ... I bumping on a lot of wall (that's too small areas, and it's bad in multiplayer levels), I took about 40 seconds to get the flag ... but I fell into a hole near the blue springs. There would have been a guy with a rail, I'll be in the background .
Perhaps you should read a little wiki on level design. It can surely help you make better levels.

Mossy Mushroom Area by RedEchidna : 8 / 10
I saw quite a few times this idea bouncing on mushrooms in the multiplayer, it's strange. But it's a good idea. Unless if I'm in the viewfinder of a type that handles well the Rail.
Except that it's a great arena , there are walls to protect themselves, I like. It's a very good field of war.
I have nothing else to say ... it's a level that I liked, and ... that's all.
The fact that there are easy ways to access to enemy flag...even Tails and Knuckles can access their bases without their special abilities (if they come to steal the enemy flag)
Well ! Good work.


Forst Rush Zone by Zon Scizor300 : 5 / 10

Ah, it's the same creator as Frozen Destruction! It's weird, I did notice the same style!
The first thing I noticed ... is ... simply an little arena!
It's a beautiful room but with some flaws. First, let me say that I do once turn and I found myself with all items !
You should put some items in the aerial platforms.
.. Then it's a small arena. This defect caused the biggests problems and cause the bad items placement. .. And your level look like at a symmetry. Avoid this in MATCH.
In fact, if you could have combined the beauty of this level with the size of Frozen Destruction (you will see that the items will be located well naturally), I could have a very beautiful work that can reach on my esteem 7-8 minimum.

Sandstorm by Dail Area: 7 / 10

Dail ... eh ? Whoever has done Lakeside Hill? It may not be possible! How can you make a level ... as old in 1 player and do something with much more work here?
It is a theme that strange ... but I immediately loved it. Sort of like "sand rock" with "industrial rock" ... hmm, it's hard to explain but I like it.
The items are well placed throughout. Except I saw two panels of scatter, but that's all. I think it rings and rings banks are well placed. About towers, me, I would rather put access to the top of the towers through the central Rocky Mountains. I removed the spring, if you prefer. But hey, it's not too serious. A little more work on some basics such as the size of the level, and I think increase the score. Work a little more general, simply. It's good for me.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64: 6 / 10

Aha, I know this one well. .... Original themes.
I think a good thing to have been a little bit of gravity. There are many platforms higher and higher. Easily go on it would be good. But it is mainly to stay in the logical space ... um ...
In addition, it will be funny to see blue balls flying in the sky ! Rail Rail Rail ! Gwaaah! * Returns to the earth *.
Good. There should be a little more room to run. About items .. um, yes, I have nothing to say.
Be careful when you try new themes. It is not easy to find logical and quality. I know your levels like Cloud Cradle, I often see funny things (change the game ==> SOC)
I'm sure you have the potential to make very good levels, while remaining simple.

AccursedDonut wad by Charybdizs: 6 / 10

Hmm ... yummy yummy.
Jumping on the red and white candy while swinging missiles and the ennemies slide on the chocolate.
Even if I did not understand what is the water (the sauce, perhaps?), It remains a work appetizing. I saw there FOF on donuts (colors FOF) ! There is a bit of work, actually!
But ... back to the official rules of the MATCH.
An attractive theme. Items placed .. medium.
I did not like gravity!
Perhaps we need platforms that players can climb up . It's some other way than bouncing. And without gravity, of course.
... Yes, Meadow Match is also very simple to make, but it was done in a strategic manner ....

Hanger Egg Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic: 8 / 10

The duo KO.TE Spherallic and returns once again with the expert level ... you know the class, no doubt.
Your ideas are very impressive (like a rocket I saw somewhere, or walls that turn ... it's beautiful!)
But do not lose sight of the rules of the Match !
I found a lot of bounce, you must reduce this, but for other items, it should.
Then do not put TOO wall, tell you that people must fight! They must have their enemies in their sights! Especially since this topic Egg Rock + Space is dark.
I saw small yellow bars going up and down repeatedly. If someone is hiding behind this and if his enemy and has no Explosive .. it will be difficult to hurt him !
However, your ideas you both deserve to be studied. I can inspire me greatly, especially that theme ERZ, I'm rotten. My thing is more fantasy theme.
Expanded areas for running, give some freedom to your players, they will thank you with the maximum score. Keep some of the logic of MATCH.


Lost Feelings me.

Too bad I could not bring personalized music.
I have nothing to say.

Mystic Desert Area Burned by Miles Prower Knuckle: 3 / 10

If you work on Mobius, I understand you and I will forgive. Finally, you have already won the contest, it's not that serious.
I saw the same style of racing in the other toxic level.
Especially since I bump against the wall. Wicked tube.
Hmm ... The middle is a little too dark. This could have been avoided if the area would be less dangerous.
I prefer the "Temple".
Also be careful with the springs. They have been through ...average used here. To jump the player above the sand ..

In summary, remove the tube, and... practice. Maybe high platforms to change a bit ... there's not much to do in a race ...

Thank you to participants.
Bind out of the "life"
Curiosity : It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try
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