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Vinnie_Cuboid 10-26-2020 08:35 AM

Vinnie's Emotes (V1) - Emotes for Movienight
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I was bored and had some spare for goofing around...
So I doodled and added some emotes, but this addon requires The Movienight Addon in order to function.
If people do actually enjoy these emotes then I might make more when possible, but for now please enjoy these funny little Emotes.

•.window Emote - Drawn by @GreenShell123 Twitter/Instagram

•.OK & .BRUH Emotes - My friend Bruh Kid - Those two pictures are him lmao.

•Movienight - fickleheart -

Larz T 10-26-2020 09:59 PM

Welcome to releases! .crylaugh

Rafael44642 11-18-2020 12:59 PM

The fact that these were made out of boredom is funny lol. Will defenetly try this out later! .pog

tropluckyfr 11-18-2020 01:12 PM

those emotes sure looks like u were like
"mmh lets do something funny"

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