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ThatAzazelFire 05-29-2020 08:56 PM

Advendure Character Pack
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[This Forum post was made when i didn't have the resources to make it fancy. i apologize for any inconvenience.]


What is Advendure?
Advendure is the IP that my Characters are apart of now. This Character Pack is a collaborative to bring all the roster into Kart with a polish look. It will be updated as time goes on in order to add more of the roster in.

Who's in the Pack?
Star Series
You may remember him from a Pack i used to work on long ago, but he's Back and with a new coat of paint and a revamped Anatomy!

The Singing Elegance Returns with a new Anatomy and more Accurate shading and Coloring!

The Jealous Banshee Comes back, with More Moodiness than ever, but is surprisingly Heavier than Ever.

A Mysterious Plantish Alien from another World, the only Non-Plantoid in the Original Roster [Star Series]

-J64: Made Kaleigh's Sprites [EXCEPT HER A1]-
-Bradley Hand: Co-Owns the Characters with me-
-Manh's discord: Moral Support-

There's a lot more coming, with 4 Rosters of Characters currently planned to be added. the Plantoid Invasion has only just begun! Character Designs really start to go wild in the Other sets!
Oh and Also Models. that as well.

We do hope you enjoy this pack it's going to have a lot of effort put into it. and it already has.

D00D64 05-30-2020 03:10 PM

Welcome to releases!

ThatAzazelFire 08-31-2020 06:25 PM

Plantoid Progress Report
It's been a while, been ages even, but I'd like to show what I've been up to outside of the editing thread (which i will continue to update i promise)

Season 1 Plantoid update
The Pack is getting there, hopefully all of them will be in the V2 update to the Star Series set,

Post Season 1:
It's happening, slowly, sense most focus is on Season 1. i don't have much to show that i haven't already showed.

Alright that's about it, adios

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