So for what it's worth, I actually had fun playing through this. But then again, I'm using a lot of custom characters (Jana, Skip, etc.) for these mods. And frankly, it's not the worst! I think the joke is funny, and I laughed at the textures. And the level design is FAR from the worst I've seen, especially for a pack not meant to be taken seriously.

I'm only rating it three stars BECAUSE despite the fun I had with it, I didn't have much desire to revisit it once I finished. A joke can only be heard so many times before it gets old, after all, but honestly? This joke's pretty good, as far as those go, and pleasant enough to play through. Can't wait to see how far you take it.
i took it too far that it got uncancelled 1 day later
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very epic man these levels are perfect in terms of memes and music now I'm going to play with my friend XD
thank you
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I rather also think this feels like a horrible level pack to play cuz it's just a joke, which is the same thing am going to do cuz "FAVman33" also did this.

1. Level Design
It's just a joke from straight up v2.0 feeling, which it's even looks like you just made this pack only have theses names on them. which are not big brain cuz you couldn't have used something else. This ain't even fun cuz I got lost maybe 2 or 3 times and died.

2. Music
The music however is a annoying and memes into it, cuz this ain't effort at all, Even it hurts my ears cuz I never thought it was. Also when i was in VeryEmoLevel Zone 1, at the start of the music, it starts to hurt my ears when it says "Bruh". It's too annoying for a pack to even play with that starter music!

3. Rating
So this level meme pack is horrible level design and earring music, and I know it's a unfunny meme pack. Cause if your the one who makes one thing of a joke, it won't be funny or the rest of us.
this is.. basically a repeat of the last review.

word : you took this too seriously.
in a literal sense too,
i've actually honestly tried to fix most of the problems, but i cant make levels in the 2.2 style.
but for jesus of sakes, it's suppost to be a passion project to me, not to everyone else.
"cuz this ain't effort at all", yeah there's some effort sprinkled around.
hell a whole gallon of effort in unreleased v4.
yeah i cant quite properly just DO it
can i?
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This sure is a level pack alright. It does have its charm, but that immediately wears off after a bit.
Most of the level design feels like it came straight from 2.0, being extremely linear, blocky, and empty with some random object placement without much thought. Some parts of the levels I can barely even see where I'm going due to either textures blending in with itself, or the darkness just cranked way down such as the Deep Sea stages. I get that this is supposed to be a shitpost, but the low quality textures with the most minimal effort isn't really cutting it, overstaying its welcome as a joke. Not only that, just makes everything feel way too much of the same thing, or extremely cheap when it comes to lava or anything that harms you.
Speaking of repetitive, the music. I had to turn it all the way down at one point due to how much of a headache it is to listen to, despite it just being the vanilla SRB2 midi in an annoying soundfont.

All in all, despite this level pack being made solely as a joke and a shitpost, there are certain things that just make this level pack unfun and unfunny to play through.
literally my first 1 star review.
as much as i would like to say, you took this too seriously.

hell, this was meant as my first levelpack.
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Its a pretty creative and cool mod i love how the mod puts text on everything lol.
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this is a "very kewl" cool mod while i was playing the mod i heard brody fox saying xbox live in the background music, perfect yo mama renference!
thank you your favorite martian fan 2010.
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Hell yeah,SRB3 is out!
Jokes aside,this is pretty funny.
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Very cool level.
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