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[Reusable] Vertical Aim Auto-Recenter v1.3


It's kinda hard to notice with a simple .gif but that camera really wants to not look up or down.

This script makes is so that the vertical aiming will automatically recenter while you're moving. Useful for Simple controls and gamepad users (like me) that want to fully use the camera without having to babysit it. The script will only work in third-person/chasecam view.


  • Not intended for splitscreen, first-person checks are performed on player one in splitscreen mode.
  • May cause sync issues in netgames, though I've yet to notice any from my brief testing. Report resync issues if you experience any.

Console Variables:
camaimrecenter: "On"(1) or "Off"(0), enables or disables vertical aim re-centering.

camaimrecenterfactor: Any decimal number between -1.0 and 1.0 (positive values recommended). Determines how slow/fast the re-centering is. A value of 1 makes the re-centering negligible, 0 is instantaneous, negative values makes the camera have a bounce to it's re-centering.

camaimrecenterthreshold: Any integer number. Determines the movement speed threshold for when the re-centering happens. Negative values makes the re-centering constant.

camaimrecentermode: "Active"(1) or "Passive"(0). Determines the camera mode and how active the re-centering is.

camaimrecenterdelay: Any decimal number above 0. Determines the time delay in seconds for when the vertical aim starts re-centering while in Passive mode.

  • v1.0
    • Initial release
  • v1.1
    • Re-centering will now activate when the player uses the movement controls and when they're moving fast enough.
  • v1.2
    • Active/Passive camera modes. Active mode recenters the vertical aim as soon as the player starts moving. Passive mode recenters the vertical aim after a time delay while moving, the delay can be configured with console commands. Default is Active mode.
    • New input checks; now checks if the player is gliding, spinning, or otherwise thokked.
  • v1.3
    • Now "slightly" safer to use in dedicated servers. Still not recommended if heavy aiming is required.
    • Config file I/O
      • "camaimrecenter_save" to save the console variables
      • "camaimrecenter_load" to load the console variables
    • New, more readable command names.
      • "camaimrecentermode" is now "camaimrecenter_mode".
      • "camaimrecenterfactor" is now "camaimrecenter_factor"
      • "camaimrecenterthreshold" is now "camaimrecenter_threshold"
      • "camaimrecenterdelay" is now "camaimrecenter_delay"
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Latest updates

  1. v1.3 Update

    Updated to v1.3. I/O and renamed console variables.

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Quite an interesting auto-script, although it seems to me that it is not very much needed when you can bind a third-person mouselook idk.
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