[v5.1] Community Asset Pack

[Open Assets] [v5.1] Community Asset Pack 5.1

Updated Credits.txt to include Dakras's new ecco textures, whoops.

Fixed corrupted Equinox and Lime Gully textures
Phew. I'm glad I can finally get this out after so many months. Asset Pack v5 has DOUBLED the amount of textures in the Asset Pack.

Asset Pack is now split into a few files. The ZIP archive includes
-. Textures PK3
-. Objects PK3
-. TelosTurntable's Egg Rock texture replacements
-. Example Map
-. Credits TXT

Here's the current credits:
"Dave Lite", "KamiJoJo_" and "MotorRoach":
- Pipe Kingdom Assets

- Koopa Code

"Dave Lite":
- SRB1 Remake assets and code, Cosmic Valley assets, Shine assets,
Classic texture patches, Misc Textures, Archer resprite,
Turret resprite and Deton resprite

- Tempest Shrine, Amethyst Star and Void Vortex textureset

- Cloud Citadel textureset

- Acidic Alpines+, Marble Bridge, Leaf Midtextures, Primordial Abyss,
Chrysopoeia, Frozen Hillside patches, Shit, and some miscellaneous textures

- Egg Rock and Legacy Special Stage texture replacement

- Tidal Palace and Metallic Madness texturesets

- Sakura Sunset, Foliage Furnace, Robotnik Winter, and Hollow Hill texturesets

- Azure Paradise textureset

"Sanic Hodgeheg":
- Botanic Space, Polycrystal Mercury, Neostardust Speedway, Mine Maze,
Polygnial Pasture, Red Starlight, Hidden Palace, Dust Hill, CEZ Alts,
Disco Casino, and Rock Grotto texturesets

- Texture recolors

- Caustic Crater textureset

- Cyan Heights and Cold Zone texturesets.

- Oasis Palace textureset

- Updated HAZARD and PATH textures.

- Custom fire brick and triangle brick textures.

- Custom emblem sprites
- Jade Coast textureset

- Aqua Planet, Nightlit Woods, Ante-Station, Heaven Pass, Storm Station, and Aqua Planet texturesets.
- Corresponding objects
- Custom Skies

- Hollow Hill Old textureset

-Jade Gully and Frigid Caverns texturesets.

- Equinox texturesets

- Custom emblem sprite

"Logan McCloud"
- New crystal objects.