[v1.3] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Summer 2021 Part 1

[v1.3] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Summer 2021 Part 1 1.3

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After the Official Level Design Contest switched from a seasonal schedule to a bi-annual schedule, I didn't like how there was a six month gap inbetween contests. I felt that was too large of a gap of content. Fortunately, this new schedule gave space for a community run, large scale level collaboration. I got MellowJacket's permission to revive the ULDC name, and with help of Apollyon and Kanna to host it, I introduce to you Unofficial Level Design Collab 2021: The Season of Stages.

The new Unofficial Level Design Collab will be two 6 weeks events hosted inbetween the bi-annual Unnofficial Level Design Contest. This is ULDC Summer 2021 - Part 1.
The Deadline for Part 2 will be September 5.


So after 6 weeks of mapping. Let's introduce the ULDC 2021 Part 1 Lineup!

Beach Bash Zone
by @Vixuzen

Poisonous Ravine Zone by @Yyeellooww7

Starlit Skyway Zone by @Princess Draykon

Final Space Zone Act 1 by @sanicdederphog69

Final Space Zone Act 2 by @sanicdederphog69

Spectra Valley Zone Act 1 by @AlecsDaHegeshog

Snow Bridge Zone by @Vixuzen

Odd Caverns Zone Act 1 by @ChargingTurnip

Gate Garden Zone (v2) by @Ruberjig

Auburn Woodland Zone by @Othius

(Level Select voting system by @TehRealSalt, character switcher by @Tatsuru. Hub by @Othius, with decorated Hub Markers by @Apollyon Woman )

If you'd like to submit a stage to ULDC Summer 2021 Part 2, see the guidelines and information on the editing thread. Deadline is on September 5th, 11:59 EST.

See you for part 2!
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Latest reviews

these guys did a amazing job on these stages bc they are dope af

keep up the amazing work you guys 💖
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This might just be better than the actual OLDC. Almost every map here is some form of gold, fantastic job to everyone!
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Amazing work! Everybody did a great job!
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On my opinion, this new collab levels have some sort of amazing maps.

But My favourite in this pack is Gate Garden, this map have a bunch of new content: like score diamonds, new enemies with different nice behaviour, a bunch of paths for all characters and a bunch of secrets too... Sadly the token door doesn't work on this pack (neither with noclip cheat), creator did a nice LUA script to keep players out of this room and the emblem inside it unreachable. Congratz!
Oh yeah. The Gate Garden emblem is a known bug. I have a fixed version... I just have to actually update the file LOL
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Starlit Skyway was the best stage in my opinion. Can't wait for part 2!!!
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Super stoked to see this out! Awesome! My favorite definitely has to be the crazy lua heavy city level!
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