Twilight Battle Maps (Demo)

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Twilight Battle Maps2.png

Twilight Battle Maps is basically just a battle pack with extra new maps when it comes to recreation, or new creations.
Before Continuing Reading: Note that the following content isn't final, so expect additional changes or edits later updates.

This demo only contains 4 additional battle arenas:

N64 Skyscraper
Map creators: csean07
Music used: N64 Skyscraper - Mario Kart Wii
Textures used/credits: Mario Kart Wii Stage Textures​

Feels a bit odd seeing a Mario kart track in battle right? N64 Skyscraper is a balloon battle map first appearing in Mario Kart 64, yet again in Mario Kart Wii. Overall, the battle takes place on top of a skyscraper, just like it appears in it's original map. Just don't... fall off the stage when fighting.

Giant Tree Island
Map creators: Astral, csean07
Music used: Yoshi's Story - Super Smash Bros Melee
Textures used/credits: Community Texture Pack​

Battle... but in a parkway? Hell yes. Giant Tree Island is a island located somewhere inside Phosphor Haze Parkway. Here in this island, we've got 3 giant trees standing on this island. They do look pretty tall don't they? But don't let those giant trees distract you!

Blizzard Lake Zone
Map creators: csean07
Music used: Dream Curling Sherbet Land - Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games
Textures used/credits: Blizzard Volcano Zone (in development), and the Community Texture Pack
A some sort of winter paradise, next to a volcano? Blizzard Lake Zone is a stage taking place somewhere close to Blizzard Volcano Zone Act 1 (though BVZ is still being worked on for another pack later on). As you can tell, the whole map in this area is completely frozen. It's best to try avoiding the freezing water as it does drain you're rings. ...Though if you really want to swim in it, go ahead....

Burning Falls Zone
Map creators: Astral, csean07
Music used: Tostarena Battle - Super Mario Odyssey
Textures used/credits: Community Texture Pack
Yes, its all hell and fire. Burning Falls Zone takes place somewhere underground of Red Volcano Zone. You have lavafalls falling through the ceiling, flamethrowers firing rapidly, and much more. An Elemental or Flame shield will come in handy, but that doesn't stop you from surviving on lava. Just an reminder that this could lag netgames a bit, depending on the ping connections.

Phosphor Haze Parkway CTF
Map creators: Astral, csean07
Music used: Through the Tunnel - Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Textures used/credits: Phosphor Haze Signs & the Community Texture Pack​

War. Phosphor Haze Parkway is now a CTF map, with new visual changes including the rainy weather.

Other arena maps as well as capture the flag maps will be included soon.
Enjoy, also feel free to report some issues or changes you like to request.

Battlemod Manuals - Could not figure this out without it.
The Community Texture creators
Astral - Co-author

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