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[Reusable] The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG R2

Hello everyone! The next track of this pack has been completed. I present to you: Meteor Mine Zone.

MM First Tunnel.pngMM Decent A.pngMM Lava Tank.png

This is the first track I've ever made with a "gimmick" in the form of the course's elevator shafts. These tubes zoom you upwards as they seal behind you, forcing racers to pick different lines. The track features dramatic elevation changes as you race in and around a space rock mining colony.

Release 2 changelog:
- Meteor Mine Zone has been added to the pack!
- Updated the minimap image for Cliffside Castle Zone.
- Edited the fences around the torches in Cliffside Castle Hell.


  • MM Crystal Cave Wide.png
    MM Crystal Cave Wide.png
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    MM Final Turn.png
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    MM Start.png
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