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[Reusable] The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG R1

Hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it?

The last time I completed a map for SRB2K was over 2 years ago. After making a name for myself with my first map Coastal Temple Zone then releasing Sunset Canyon Zone, I kinda ended up vanishing into the shadow realm as far as this community was concerned. But after a long hiatus, my interest in Kart has piqued again and I'm back to making maps. Auspiciously, I've set to work on creating a whole track pack cup so that by the time I take another another inevitable hiatus I have more to leave the community with than just two maps.

I present to you the TG Cup... even though right now as of posting it's just "TG Track".

This pack will be slowly updated to include 5 courses, alongside some bonus Map Hell variants. Here are the currently included ones:

Cliffside Castle Zone - MAPVM
CC Final Turn.pngCC Valley.pngCC First Cave.png
Cliffside Castle is exactly what is says on the tin: wind through valleys, caves, and the interior of a mountain top castle. A longer track at 2 laps. Includes time trial ghosts for each of the base game characters.

Cliffside Castle Hell - MAPVW
CCH Crash Alley.pngCCH Second Room.png
A version of Cliffside Castle that has the interior configured into a twisted figure 8. You'll be running head on through competition in the crash alley, leading to some humorous encounters that is excellent for low-stakes races. It's a hidden track that's 5 laps.

That's it for now, but as I said, this pack will be updated over time into a whole cup, so watch this space carefully over the coming months.

Please let me know if there are any glaring issues, and I really hope you enjoy my tracks!

- TG
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    CC Steps.png
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    CC Castle 1.png
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    CC Castle 2.png
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  • CC Second Cave.png
    CC Second Cave.png
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    CC TurnBridge.png
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I enjoyed your Sunset Canyon Zone track (, and Cliffside Castle shows you've gotten better. This is an ambitious and big, scenic map with some great turns. I recall you asking if the beginning shortcut might be overpowered. I find no problem with it, as it's not too overpowered of a time skip in scale to the rest of the map.

Looking forward to a more scenic Sunset Canyon and other maps you do.
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Welcome to releases!
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