the jelly cup (the idc update!)

the jelly cup (the idc update!) b5

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hii, this is my first go at mapmaking, critiques and advice are greatly appreciated


Sakura Raceway [MAPDM]

Welcome to Sakura Raceway, a breathtaking speedway set amidst the enchanting beauty of blooming cherry blossom trees, where the gentle fragrance of spring surrounds a serene lake and racers gracefully glide over a picturesque bridge, creating a captivating fusion of nature's elegance and high-speed excitement.

jelly circuit 2 [MAPDN]

Embark on the high-speed excitement of jelly circuit, a classic track with the added thrill of a bridge, challenging racers to master intersecting loops, mastering tight turns and dodging power-ups in a symphony of racing excitement.

CH district [MAPDO] MAP HELL

Welcome to Crackhead District Race Track in the heart of Boston, where the city's gritty urban landscape becomes the backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping race like no other.

Alpine Cake Zone [MAPDP]

Embark on a sugary thrill ride at Alpine Cake Race Track, winding through frosting peaks, candy floors, and the fun slalom slide at the end in this delectable dessert-themed circuit where every turn is a taste of adventure.

Warehouse Skatepark [MAPDU]

Welcome to Warehouse skatepark, a high-octane race track that seamlessly blends the thrill of an indoor skatepark with the excitement of an outdoor circuit. , this track promises adrenaline-fueled racing like never before.

Ancient Piston [MAPDV]

Welcome to Ancient Piston, an arduous and sprawling racing track concealed within the depths of a mysterious jungle temple, where daring racers confront the challenges of treacherous twists and turns, all under the ominous shroud of a stormy night.

Vanilla Iceberg [MAPMG]

Welcome to Vanilla Iceberg, a compact yet exhilarating racing track nestled within the icy embrace of an Arctic glacier, where the gleaming white expanse provides a crisp backdrop for heart-pounding competition.

The Backrooms [MAPD0] MAP HELL

Welcome to The Backrooms Race Track, an eerie and surreal circuit that mirrors the unsettling atmosphere of its namesake, where racers navigate through dimly lit corridors, flickering fluorescent lights, and mysterious doorways, creating a disorienting and otherworldly racing experience that challenges both skill and nerve in the haunting depths of the unknown.

-tiny plume for the aqua karthouse art
-jade space rabbit for the nvjr dice art
-minenice for the grindrail lua
-jugadorXEI for the slope physics Lua

more tracks in the making, shoutouts to the badmilk guys :]
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  2. b3.02

    hotfix curse 💀 (part two) Warehouse Skatepark Fixed an even worse softlock 💀
  3. b3.01

    hotfix curse 💀 Warehouse Skatepark Fixed a softlock Added correct sound effects for the grindrails

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this pack is so cool
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Gnarly Pack my Dude 😎! Pretty enjoyable pack, with a lot of variety of themes!
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A+! solid tracks that are nice and wide, an absolute snap to read, and a joy to play even with bigger lobbies! can't wait to see more from you!
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Thanks for giving us the beta to try it out! There's something about smaller tracks that are underrated compared to the wider maps people are making recently. That said, small tracks such as this are great for smaller lobbies to mix things up, whereas full lobbies can be ridiculous fun.
Definitely appreciate having the divide between the middle u-turn to be passable to throw items such as bombs, and the water skip cut is enough of a risk-reward situation without it being OP. Looking forward to the rest.
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