the jelly cup (sk8r boi update!)

the jelly cup (sk8r boi update!) b3.02

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hii, this is my first go at mapmaking, critiques and advice are greatly appreciated

current courses
jelly circuit 2 [MAPDN]

this one is relatively simple, it's a 5 lap circuit track with some tricky cuts by the end

CH district [MAPDO] MAP HELL

you should totally not be here lol

Alpine Cake Zone [MAPDP]

race in this delicious track, climb the big cake! and go down the slalom section!

Warehouse Skatepark [MAPDU]

inspired by the tony hawk pro skater series, go over a series of grindrails and jumps on this fast paced map!

-tiny plume for the aqua karthouse art
-jade space rabbit for the nvjr dice art
-minenice for the grindrail lua
-jugadorXEI for the slope physics Lua

more tracks in the making, shoutouts to the badmilk guys :]
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Latest updates

  1. b3.02

    hotfix curse 💀 (part two) Warehouse Skatepark Fixed an even worse softlock 💀
  2. b3.01

    hotfix curse 💀 Warehouse Skatepark Fixed a softlock Added correct sound effects for the grindrails
  3. b3.0

    Alright it's been a while, these are the contents of this quick update! Just changed the "v"...

Latest reviews

Gnarly Pack my Dude 😎! Pretty enjoyable pack, with a lot of variety of themes!
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A+! solid tracks that are nice and wide, an absolute snap to read, and a joy to play even with bigger lobbies! can't wait to see more from you!
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Thanks for giving us the beta to try it out! There's something about smaller tracks that are underrated compared to the wider maps people are making recently. That said, small tracks such as this are great for smaller lobbies to mix things up, whereas full lobbies can be ridiculous fun.
Definitely appreciate having the divide between the middle u-turn to be passable to throw items such as bombs, and the water skip cut is enough of a risk-reward situation without it being OP. Looking forward to the rest.
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