The Exiled Island

The Exiled Island v0.9 (+v1.0 indev A3)

Well, it's been weeks. But it's done! But... what does this offer?

- Wasteland Factory Zone Act 2 & 3
- WFZ2 is a concept level, therefore n decorations.
- Some custom music. (Most noticeably SVZ2 and the bosses.)
- Red Chemicals (This would be used in Act 1 too as a obstacle.)
- SPECIAL STAGES!!! (Though 1 is finished, the others are just placeholders.)
- What's inside the end of WFZ2?
Yay! I finally made Record Attack for y'all. There is also a bunch of other unlockables too, which can be accessed by emblems. Plus, I added the Score Emblem for some reason? Well, I hope you guys like the update!

Woah. Decorations!



That's all this update offers... but v0.5.2 is also coming! What does it offer?
- Record Attack


- Time and Ring Emblems? Maybe.
- Actual Water in the Title Screen
- Updated Level Photos

SVZ3 isn't decorated because it will be renovated in v0.6!

See ya soon!
Woah! Big update! I put a bunch of stuff in this update. Here is the list:

  1. Edited the end of Sapphire Valley Zone Act 1
  2. Extension to Sapphire Valley Act 2 (Might be buggy)
  3. New Zone! Wasteland Factory Zone Act 1 (Has a pretty cool gimmick)
  4. Cutscenes! (They're pretty mid tho)
  5. Emblems (They don't do much in this update but unlock Record Attack. Perhaps maybe they will be useful in v1.0?)
Here is a sneak peek on the New Zone:
It just adds stuff for Act 2. Other than that, not much.
I said it was going to release on Tuesday, but I decided to release 0.3 for no reason. v0.4 is already done, so that would come out by tomorrow. 0.3 doe SVZ2 and 3 in their unfinished states. And holy crap! SVZ2 is HUGE. This level is gonna be hard to edit!


(Bruh. The picture is blurry.)
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Already a new update! I was planning on this to be released on Tuesday, but then the hosts told me I had broken the filename conventions and would still keep this up until I changed it.

Is there any new features here? Well, all I did in this update is just finished the second part of the level. (In case you were wondering, these rooms were unfinished in the last release.)

v0.3 will release on Tuesday!

(0.3 will include a very unfinished Act 2 and a not-so-memorable boss.)