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Have you ever been playing Arena/Survival in BattleMod on the ringslinger maps and thought: "Man, these maps are too big for Arena/Survival to be played properly.." Naturally, your first thought would probably be to switch over to the regular Battle supported maps, but you really like the ringslinger maps even if they are too big. You can't help but think: "Only if there was some in-between way to play these maps without the complications of the size.."

Lucky for you, I'm here to put your very weird and specific fantasies into reality! Introducing... (drum roll please)

The Confused Maps!

The Confused Maps offer you the same nostalgic vibes from your favorite ringslinger maps, albeit refined to fit BattleMod much better than before! Why are they called the Confused Maps, I hear you ask? Well to put it simply, they don't know what they are! They want to be-- alright i dont know, i didnt have a name.

Maps included:

Jade Valley Zone
Noxious Factory Zone
Tidal Palace Zone
Thunder Citadel Zone
Desolate Twilight Zone
Infernal Cavern Zone
Orbital Hangar Zone
Sapphire Falls Zone
Diamond Blizzard Zone
Celestial Sanctuary Zone
Frost Columns Zone
Meadow Match Zone
Granite Lake Zone
Submerged Sanctum Zone

this is a prime example of why people like me shouldn't have the ability to use zone builder.
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Latest updates

  1. The Confused Maps - V4.1

    Updated to V4.1 (Small update) - A bunch of small fixes to Diamond Blizzard that I somehow missed.
  2. The Confused Maps - V4

    Updated to V4 - New Map: Submerged Sanctum, an old stage with a fresh coat of paint. - Fixed...
  3. The Confused Maps - V3

    Updated to V3 - Finished all of the maps that weren't done, making this map pack complete.

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Hey! Pretty good. These really fit with the actual battle gameplay and I love it, your maps are always a nice addition for battle mod.
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Welcome to releases!
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