quick fixes:
- musicdef corrected, accidentally had "MAPMNM" set to "MAPMMM" for Euro Mountain Revo's music
- fixed texture bug with the Karts R Us billboard, the T was transparent for some reason
Euro Mountain is getting a significant update!

- new map ID, MAPMN Euro Mountain Revo
- widened almost the entire course and added aprons where needed
- large visual updates
- twice as many item boxes
- mixed-surface rallying, with reduced friction on gravel sections
- second shortcut now significantly more difficult
- original version now hidden as a hell map, MAPMM Euro Mountain Classic
a few minor tweaks to Mermaid Lake, and a new track!!!

updated Mermaid Lake:
- new texture for the factory smokestacks
- added Encore Mode

added Euro Mountain Zone:
- port of the Intermediate stage from SEGA Rally 2!
- thanks to the creators of the Community Resources Pack for some textures and the traffic cone object
- also thank you to SoupBowler once again for advice on checkpoints (still a pain) and the coffee shop community for testing


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Mermaid Lake has been updated:
- added a thok barrier to the skybox to fix black background for vanilla software players i promise the skybox is fixed for real this time i promise i pr
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Mermaid Lake has been updated further:

- minor aesthetic tweaks (texture alignments, etc)
- added and improved some background elements

mermaid lake has been updated further:

- fixed skybox for real this time
- new ads and logos (textures ripped from the track's source game, Daytona 2001!)
- various other aesthetic improvements
- fixed skippable finish line

Mermaid Lake has been updated further:

- removed some Chao and trees to reduce the chance of objects disappearing
- various aesthetic improvements
- added a proper skybox

after some feedback, the following has been added to Mermaid Lake:

- reduced banking of the big sweeping curve so it's (hopefully) more manageable on normal speed
- made the chicane's signage clearer
- moved some trees around on the back straight for shortcutting