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hey all! this is my first map, first post, and first actual interaction with the kart community! after playing the game for a year and getting a bit of a following, i figured i'd give back and put some work in learning Zone Builder. so, here we go!

1 - MAPML Mermaid Lake, a port of the track of the same name from Daytona USA 2001 on the Dreamcast. an easy five-lap figure of eight, featuring a surprisingly tricky long banked curve cut into a hillside surrounding a small lake.

(picture taken on V1.3 of Mermaid Lake)

2 - MAPMN Euro Mountain Revo, a port of the Mountain intermediate stage from SEGA Rally 2! this is a challenging, long, narrow rally special stage taking place on the cliffs of a European fjord, with lots of tough turns, elevation changes, slippery roads and hazards. keep an eye out for helpful road signs! this map has been largely redone since its initial release, and should now hopefully be a bit more balanced.

MAPMM Euro Mountain Classic is still included in the pack, should you still want to experience the narrow hell that was the first version of the course.

more tracks are coming soon! (read: eventually)

SUPER special thanks to SoupBowler for help and advice, and to MrNin, Ankh, Doomrabbit, the coffee shop Discord community and many others for testing and bug finding!! also thanks to the creators of Community Resources at https://mb.srb2.org/threads/community-resources.26841/ - lots of stuff on Euro Mountain is made by them!
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Latest reviews

This is pretty cool recreation of the two maps in SRB2K ! Well done :p
Most problems actually comes from the original maps, such as the narrow road of Euro Mountain and that traitorous off-road right in front of the bridge's end.
Anyway it's cool, comfy and +1 for the scorboard that actually updates with the WR on your map :D
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This would make for a great track for those new to the game with its huge banked turn and more wide track width to allow wider drifts
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A good, solid figure-8 track which uses mostly vanilla assets so it runs well with OpenGL and software users. The huge banking turn is a great tutorial for beginners to drift and consecutive drifts. The s-bend turns before the goal is a nice throw-off to keep the last stretch interesting.
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While I haven't played the original Daytona USA 2001, this is a really fun course and it's certainly well made! It's short but sweet, and I love the aesthetic. Only odd thing about it is before the pitstop there's some slight lag on my end, and despite a high render distance I can still see trees pop in and out while I'm on the large opening curve.

Still, absolutely adore the work here and can't wait to see more from you!!
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Welcome to releases!
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