hey all! this is my first map, first post, and first actual interaction with the kart community! after playing the game for a year and getting a bit of a following, i figured i'd give back and put some work in learning Zone Builder. here's the results of about two weeks of trial and error - Mermaid Lake, from Daytona USA 2001 on the Dreamcast!


the coffee cup
will eventually include several maps loosely ported from, or inspired by, SEGA racing games of old. (mostly SEGA anyway, with one currently planned exception.) here's a quick preview of what's planned next... stay tuned!


SUPER thanks to SoupBowler for help and advice, and to MrNin, Ankh, Doomrabbit and many others for testing and bug finding!!
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  1. Version 1.2

    Mermaid Lake has been updated further: - removed some Chao and trees to reduce the chance of...
  2. V1.1

    after some feedback, the following has been added to Mermaid Lake: - reduced banking of the big...

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While I haven't played the original Daytona USA 2001, this is a really fun course and it's certainly well made! It's short but sweet, and I love the aesthetic. Only odd thing about it is before the pitstop there's some slight lag on my end, and despite a high render distance I can still see trees pop in and out while I'm on the large opening curve.

Still, absolutely adore the work here and can't wait to see more from you!!
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Welcome to releases!
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