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Lightning McQueen
Speed: 8
Weight: 8
Version 1.1
Lightning McQueen has joined the roster! Being a race car, he has a high speed and high weight. Both the color of his body and the lightning bolts can be changed.

Chick Hicks
Speed: 7
Weight: 8
Version: 1.0
The Piston Cup Champion himself, Chick Hicks has also arrived on the track! He's a bit slower than Lightning, but that won't stopped him from winning.

Speed: 7
Weight: 7
Version: 1.0
My own character that I decided to put into the game, with stats chosen for my playstyle. Don't know how she's almost as heavy as a car, though...

Added Chick Hicks & Tessy
Updated Lightning's sprites on the character select
Fixed a possible compatibility issue Lightning had with other mods.

Sprites made by me (TessyBluez)
Voice clips for Lightning extracted from Cars: The Video Game by Zs_and_Ys
Voice clips for Chick Hicks extracted from Cars: Race-O-Rama by Callum273B
Sound effects extracted from Super Bomberman R by SteamyJ
Lightning & Chick use the asymmetrical kart template by SeanTG246
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Latest updates

  1. Lightning update, Chick Hicks and Tessy releases!

    This is now a pack, and I will possibly be adding more characters in the future. Lightning also...

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i mean there is check hicks. so it's a instant 10/10
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Kachow, He is here and that’s all we need
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really cool and ironic how lightning joins all i can said is if you turn hard enough left you will find yourself going right
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Speed himself is finally in the game!
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