[Open Assets] Teleport v1.1.3

What`s new: With the new command you can now teleport where you look!

Fixed bugs: 0 (except one that was found during testing)
v1.1.2. I forgot to delete the "twodx" and "twody" thingies that i didn`t need
v1.1. Now you teleport like in normal gravity when gravity is reversed...

v1.0.5. Fixed 2D bug(you get your thok back in 2D sections and levels)
A very small update...

v1.0.4.1. I fixed the no jump damage bug again...
v1.0.4. Better Thrust on "Up" and "Down" teleport(also i tried making it be usable 2 times but i didnt made it ._ .)
v1.0.3. Now "Up" and "Down" teleport adds Mometum(or it doesn`t), fixed a bug with Jump damage.

(FIXED) Jump damage bug: If you teleport on ground(using a wall or any of teleports that teleport you on ground) , next jump you will cannot damage enemies

(also sorry for grammar if its bad)
v1.0.2. Fixed some bugs: Spin bug, another spin bug that is actually a spin steer, ghost bug(?)