tapu-pack v 2.1 /// TAPUSHEK PACK

tapu-pack v 2.1 /// TAPUSHEK PACK 2.1.1

This is currently the only true 2.2 level pack out there right now. And it's got the full package. It's great.

While it only contains three Zones, it has unlockable Zones, collectable chaos emeralds, and emblems. Add in some match maps and you've got something for nearly everyone.

The level design is relatively simple, but solid all around. Though some secrets have very lackluster placement, being in nonchalant corners with a breakable wall camouflaging them from view.

This is is a Must Play for anyone looking for a solid campaign after completing the Vanilla Game.
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0-10 no jokes related to the tapu pokemon
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This somehow went under my radar for over a year.

It's wonderful! Levels are detailed, filled with little secrets and the pack's clean presentation along with it's fitting music sells everything perfectly. I never found myself getting lost despite it's several branching paths, and I think that's probably because of spring and starpost placement making for excellent guides. I enjoyed how the pack did a little bit of silent subtle storytelling as well with it's world details.

Main complaint is that it eventually gets samey. Each level loves it's browns and greens, it's just a bit cramped at all times, and there's few grand set pieces. The bonus levels do get more expansive, but I doubt most players got to see them, which is a shame.

Don't have much to say about Match stages. They feel basic and barebones. But they're just an extra, so whatever.
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Simple and sweet, that was a fun romp.
Kinda wish you made the forest town look more like a town then just skyscrapers in the forest, but other then that, pretty good. Nice music choices. Had a good time.
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Nice small and fresh map pack! Whilst it isn't super duper expectional, it's at least fun to play, and I knew where I was going 90% of the time (there is this one instance of a bit of misdirection in a level, but that might just fall down to the character I was playing. I look forward to seeing you improve on your mapping skills.
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this is really good! my expectations were destroyed, it went from 70 expectation to 100 Real fucking quick, though i haven't found the emblems, the levels them self are amazing! the music is even better as well! i haven't found any bugs though.
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i like this levelpack, the level design feels great and simple.
Emblem positions are easy most of the time which is not bad xd
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Welcome to releases!
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