Alright, I suppose Dynamite Demo is Open Assets now. You may use whatever code with my permission, except for the eventual final release.
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LOTS of new stuff has been worked on and tested in my discord server, and I held a poll to post this version here. There's been 20+ commits so I can't list all the changes, but I will list the most important ones
  • New sprites! (walking, dive, maybe some more idk lol)
  • Placeholder rolling sprites for clutch (for models)
  • Netcode refactor, shouldn't cause any more resynchs now
  • New hud stuff
  • Togglable SP/Record Attack Happy Hour
  • Pit bounces have now been replaced with "Fall out!" á la, Super Monkey Ball & Penny's Big Breakaway
Have fun with the second Final Demo, and please give feedback!

Happy April Fools and apologies to whoever thought this was the real release! (to be fair, it was totally on you for not knowing what day it is)
This version is the same as the update before the Real RElease!!11 update, so nothing new.
Thank you all for your patience, the real "Release" of Takis is here! Enjoy!
I saw some people confused if Takis is reusable, as the discussion and resource page state conflicting reusability statuses.
It is not reusable. Please contact and ask me before stealing my code, please!
Hey all, I just wanted to say that I'm very grateful for all the positive reviews yall have been posting. I didn't think a whole lot of people would like Takis, but yall have proven me wrong! I'm expecting the full completed Takis to be finished near the release of Antonblast, if I get off my ass and work on sprites lol. Anyways, just stay tuned for peak, and join my peak beta testing server if you haven't :iwantsummadat:
Yup, that's correct! We are now in the Final Demo era of Takis. All of his code is pretty much done, all that needs to be finished are sprites.

Github was being weird while compiling this one, so I can't link to a direct commit link, but here's what was changed:
Update achievemnts and ach page, tweaks, bug fixes, fix stray Jisk Pizza Time, and lots of other minor stuff
Fixed some bugs,,, erm i forgot
  • WEGA, inescapable maps, coyote time, rollout clutch, random jumpscare, bring back takisfest, bug fixes & tweaks
Read the rest of the changes here
  • Improved i/o with achievements. This will hopefully reduce any possible desynchs and getting achievements you didnt get
  • Decrease time taken to activate Hammer Blast from .25 seconds to .2 seconds
  • Removed some prints and bug fixes to damage code
Read all the changelogs here:

git changes
  • bird is the word!! fix up achs, fixed erz1 conveyors, minor changes, sprite edits, update asset shit
also made some stages inescapable and fixed a crash with the rollout rocks!
if you ever get stuck in a stage (or are just lazy), use the leave command to instantly exit!