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Giant Steps

Ability taken from the Sonic Advance series, pressing Custom 1 while grounded will make Amy hop instantly to her maximum speed. This can also be used to change momentum quickly, but that will not function in Standard Mode and Strafe Mode. Changed in the new update, now it works on all modes :)

Hammer Jump

When you hit your hammer on the floor (and make sure that the hammer is actually hit), press Jump to perform basically what I can describe as a much stronger jump. Since it still acts like a normal jump, the longer you hold Jump, the more height will Amy gain.

Alt. Hammer Jump
Basically the same hammer jump, but it now offers less vulnerability and less air mobility. Enable it via console using althammerjump on
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Latest updates

  1. I forgor

    to buff the Giant Steps when Amy is Super too. 💀
  2. Giant Steps buff

    The Giant Steps will now be doubled in speed when Amy equips the Speed Shoes/Super Sneakers item.
  3. SFX Update

    - Giant Steps now use Sonic CD's jump sound. - The Hammer Jump now has the "Power Spring" sfx...

Latest reviews

These moves aren't really bad. The giant step is a good idea, keeping your momentum from sharp turns can really make it helpful. Your hammer attacks on the other hand, are pretty boring, annoying, and so hard its unsatisfactory after pulling it off. The timing is a little tricky to do when jumping and all you literally get is a double jump with an extra step, as for the alt one, it is partly worth it due to being able to spin. But amy feels a little stiff so it almost ruins it's purpose. Overall though, great mod!
Thanks for the criticism. As of the new update, I've decided to remove the jump tapping for the hammer jump, which now makes it more responsive.
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Welcome to releases!
I literally just associate you with this phrase at this point. But thanks, it means a lot to me to have a mod that's actually approved here.
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