StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update! v2.1

Woke up with a massive headache and for some reason Skip and Jana turned into self-destructing plushies. Definitely need to fix my sleep schedule.

In the meantime, April Fools is over so we're back to regular ol' Skip and Jana. Worry not however! They got to keep their new skincolors! These were made with the help from Frostiikin and BlueBlur!
I have spent the past years perfecting my craft in order to bring the ultimate life forms out of hiding, and I have finally done it. I have taught my children a way to escape. They have shed their virtual coil, and ascended past the fourth wall. They live. And they are extremely marketable.


-Added Reality to Skip and Jana
-Increased Marketability rating to +75%
-Added Size 2 monitors for Skip
-Jana will now stop the entire server, blankly stare at the camera and say "I like women." and crash your game. This was done due to people mistakenly shipping Skip and Jana. This should also reduce the chances of me beating you to death with a bat for shipping them.
-Unironically added new colors
-Removed IP tracker. It's unnecessary, since I already know where you live.
-Nothing else. Don't even bother checking the file.

skip in real.png

lord skoop the 2st​
Alongside the newly rewritten OP, Skip has received a major sprite revamp, alongside getting support for Kazotsky Kick & Rushchars Boats.
Jana has been given the same treatment, minus the sprite revamp. Although her greens did get tweaked to have her color ramp be a bit smoother with more colors.

And that's it. Nothing major added to Skip at all. Some might think it's Super disappointing but hey, you take what you can get.

Armed with attitude and a Saber, Jana dashes past!


Inspired by the quick pace and combat of the Megaman Zero games, Jana is a speed star that can easily traverse levels with her agility, as well as put up a decent fight against anyone in her way! Her abilities are simple to grasp, but mastering them will let you breeze past any stage that comes your way.

tiny jana.png
Double Jump/Rekkouha
tiny jana.png


At first glance, your run of the mill Double Jump much like her friend Skip, very helpful for reaching higher places.
However, pressing Jump a third time will have Jana stomp down to the ground. Apart from being useful to quickly get back to the ground and break floors, fall for long enough to activate Rekkouha - unleashing 4 laser pillars that spin around her!

tiny jana.png
tiny jana.png


One of Jana's strongest tools, Dashing allows her to surpass her top speed momentarily at the press of a button. By pressing Custom 1 or Double Tapping* a movement key, Jana enters a dashing state unique to her, visualized by blue afterimages. In this state, Jana gains not only an increased movement speed, but her air mobility is increased significantly, as well as never running out as long as she's in the air.

This, combined with the rest of her kit, lets Jana completely dominate the skies with her mobility. But remember, you're still very much vulnerable and landing completely removes the dashing state!

*This can be disabled at any time with the command "janatapdash"

tiny jana.png
Wall Jumping
tiny jana.png


The bread and butter of Jana's mobility. By holding down a direction opposite to a wall, Jana will cling to said wall and begin sliding down. You can either jump away from the wall or let go of your movement keys to drop from it. Landing on a wall will not only refresh your double jump, but your dash state will be kept! This, alongside the dash' bonus mobility will let you chain wall jumps like you're playing The Floor is Lava!

But be careful, you won't cling to a wall if you're stomping!

tiny jana.png
Energy Saber
tiny jana.png



With the power of her crystal rings, Jana is capable of using an Energy Saber to cut down any enemy in her path!
  • By tapping Spin, Jana begins swinging her sword forwards, dealing damage in front of her and launching energy projectiles. Her first two slashes are short and quick, but her third slash is much bigger, pierces enemies and goes much farther!
  • She can attack while jumping and dashing, but it won't shoot the energy slash - you also can't attack while clinging to a wall.​
  • If you hold down Spin, however, you'll begin charging up a powerful slash! This way, you can store her strongest attack for whenever you need it - even in the air!​
**You can also adjust whether you want her attack aiming to Camera (Default) or Movement Direction (Like Amy) with the command "jana_angleattacks"

tiny jana.png
tiny jana.png

  • Press Toss Flag on the ground to jam out!​
  • Rock on with other Jana players and make a concert!​
  • Megaman Zero references in her poses, abilities and sounds! Can you find em all?​
  • Sword slashes actually cut enemies in half, with a script that lets you add your own cut enemies!​
  • Customizable controls + I/O​
  • An actual Super Form! (Hold down jump and press spin!)
    Obtain the Ultimate Power (Toss Flag + C2)

tiny jana.png
Special Thanks!
tiny jana.png

Just like Skip, a boat-load of people helped out to make Jana as fun as she is and I am incredibly thankful for each and every single one of you!

tiny jana.png
Main Coding - Frostiikin & Lach
You two are a dream team. Frostii you made Jana's mobility so damn fun right out of the gate, and made an immense effort with all of her abilities and it really shows! And Lach, your work with Jana's sword attacks was outstanding!! Thank you so so much for offering to help out c:

tiny jana.png
Bug Fixing help - MotdSpork, rumia1 and SMS Alfredo
Thank you so much for stomping most of the bugs while Frosti and Lach were busy! Its thanks to you guys that Jana's releasing sooner than I thought!

tiny jana.png
Sprite Feedback & Help - Inazuma
yes im crediting you, cope
Thank you for the help man, you taught me a lot and are always willing to help out c:

tiny jana.png
Playtesting & Feedback - CSCS and the Adventurer's Guild
You lot are way too many to write down but I am super grateful for your help! It was incredibly fun to play with you guys and having to stomp every bug you encountered :v

I hope you guys have as much fun with Jana as we did making her!

also no, she's not skip's gf, if i see anyone shipping them i will hunt you for sport
Surprise! It's been quite some time since Skip has been released, and while I honestly wanted to do a little bit more, let's take that effort into my next projects, shall we? also @radicalsoda next time turn on your hud pls

Anyways, Skip v1.1 is finally here! Major changes revolve around bug fixing and MORE monitors! Take a look!

  • Most major & known bug fixes have been resolved: specifically the infinite bubbles glitch that would tank your FPS if you kept spawning bubbles.
  • Monitor Crafting Buffs & Nerfs: Let's start off with the big one. The removal of Golden Monitors.
    • Golden Monitors are a really odd object to be able to place. Its so overly situational it's not really worth keeping - It's either hilariously broken because you can just tank anything forever with little to no punishment, or you just forget it exists because you have to move through the level. So we chose to outright remove them. Fret not, this is the ONLY nerf Monitor Crafting has received! Now...
    • STEAM SPRING SALE - All vanilla prices have been cut by -25%! Have fun testing out the shield abilities in unique ways, take more risks! And yes, the Emerald reward of -25% prices STILL stacks, meaning you'll get a total of -50% for prices in comparison to v1! All hail Gaben.
    • Monitor Compatibility! There's a crapton of extra monitors in the MB, so most (if not all) have been given support! Skip can now craft custom monitors you load, as well as getting unique abilities from them!
  • Compatibility Example Lua - Have a custom made monitor you want Skip to be able to craft? Take a look at the Support Example file by SMSAlfredo! Here, you can not only add your monitor to Skip's crafting list, but change its price, how much scrap it spawns, color, etc!

Aaand that's it. Thank you so much for your patience, and I hope you have a lot of fun with this update. See ya next adventure!