Station Zero Pack

Station Zero Pack 2021-03-21

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The Mango Crew is here!
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Grin - Mischievous rebel who grew up on a floating city, loves mangos.

Jazz - Taken away from her home as a child, she seeks refuge in her new enviroment.

Nala - Young photographer, usually gets herself into trouble.

Kovu - Lost his sister in an accident that scarred his face. He continues his search for her.

Gizi - Free spirtited girl, loves porkchop sandwiches.

Shad - The Dj of Oceana City, runs the Incyun radio station. Pumping out madd beats yo'.


Station Zero
is a personal project of mine that I am planning on making a small animation on youtube towards. I created this pack originally for my discord followers and as sprite pratice.

If anyone is interested in seeing more of my characters, please feel free to check one of the first Station Zero animations I made when I was younger. I do plan on making a pilot episode this year so please keep an eye out!

Also, Socials if you would like to keep in touch with me and my projects. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

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