Hello everyone, been a lil while (again) since I've updated one of my mods, this time I'm updating SRB2Khaos because SRB2Kart got a shiny new update! It has shiny new interpolation which makes it feel smoother!

...anyways, changelog time!
  • Added "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!" from SRB2 Chaotic Edition. Unfortunately the other effects I have planned for this won't work yet, possibly until SRB2Kart v2, or Ring Chasers, or whatever the heck it is that will be the next iteration of this game.
  • Added console variable to disable this mod entirely. You can do it by running "khaos enable off" to disable the mod from running. It won't stop everyone's effects from running, it just won't apply new ones.
  • Ghost now properly makes you transparent. Boo!
  • Swapped an instance of P_TeleportMove with P_MoveOrigin.
Hey everyone, releasing a quick lil bug fix update!

  • Made "Earthquake" a little bit less intense.
  • Fixed "Black Hole" causing springs to be affected too, which made some maps unbeatable.
  • Fixed Khaos not applying new effects if one player goes spectator.
  • Fixed errors filling up a player's screen if they are in spectator.