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SRB2Kart Mod Loader Wizard + GUI Mod Loader Wizard - Version 2.0

Here's a simple, handy tool I put together in Python over about 2 hours, the SRB2Kart Mod Loader Wizard. This tool makes it so that you can load up a folder of mods for SRB2K before the game begins without having to write out the .bat files yourself. It is written very explicitly and articulated clearly so that it is as accessible as the tool can be. As far as I am aware, you do not need Python installed to use this application.

The purpose of this tool is to guide you through a quick, explained process to generate both Standard and OpenGL .bat files for launching the game with a list of mods enabled automatically.

The reason this tool exists is because playing a private server with friends with your own large set of mods when you don't enable server downloading and having to ensure that everyone enabled the same mods in the same order is a cumbersome mess that could just be avoided by having everyone launch the same .bat file that loads the same mods. Problem is, actually making the .bat files once you get a large mod collection takes way too long, so this tool does it for you!

You can get the tool in the 'Attached Files' section of this first thread post below this text. It is a standalone executable application (just one EXE file in a ZIP) for Windows only.




Due to how the pyinstaller package for Python 3.8 creates standalone executable files such as the GUI Mod Loader Wizard, Windows Defender on Windows 10 will eventually flag the EXE as a CryptInject Trojan. It has happened to me, the developer, as well as all of my friends, but from my research, it seems to be a common problem with standalone executables created with pyinstaller and it's a false positive. If the moderators find this suspicious, I will upload the source code to each new version of the GUI Mod Loader Wizard so that you can all see I have no malicious intent. I can also look into making the executable have file dependencies, but that's a bit trickier. You'll have to take my word for it that the executable is absolutely safe, or, of course, just use the command prompt versrion of the tool.

Yes, after about a full day's work and brushing up on some old TKinter and PySimpleGui knowledge, I have managed to turn the less than optimal explanation-style guidance of my command line Mod Loader tool into a single-window GUI that greatly streamlines the process with a focus on getting the job done fast.

Me and my friends use my tool to play on my private server like gospel, since then nobody is missing any mods and nobody is loading mods out of order. However, almost every time, I'm having to re-explain what I thought I explained well enough in the program, so it became obvious to me with the repetition of this incident that the fault was on my design, not the user's ignorance, so I set out to make this huge GUI update.

It took about 12 hours to get finished and I pulled a late one on a uni night, but I'm happy with the result and I think it was worth it. It was mostly put together with a lot of hack-y workarounds to the limitations of PySimpleGUI, as grateful as I am to have it.

You can get the new GUI tool in the 'Attached Files' section of this first thread post below this text. It is a standalone executable application (just one EXE file in a ZIP) for Windows only.

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