SRB2 Uncapped PLUS

[Open Assets] SRB2 Uncapped PLUS 12

I will eventually release the latest server build of SRB2U+ here if there are any major changes or bug fixes.
This one has quite a lot of fixes and some pretty hot changes.

  • Fixed OpenGL viewport stretching at high resolutions
  • Fixed sound effects shifting
  • Fixed discord invites not working
  • Updated EXE with the uncapped plus logo
  • Implemented custom character support on rich presence
  • Experimental Lua interpolation support (fixes addons like L_PaperPeeloutCD-v1.2.pk3)
  • Now you can hide the character that you are playing from your discord rich presence status in the Options Menu -> Data Options -> Discord Options -> Show Character On Status.
As for the custom character support in rich presence:
If you want to add your character CSS to appear on rich presence, contact me on discord or on the mb and send a full res version of your character CSS and skin name.
Here's a pretty raw list with all the custom characters skinnames that are currently supported: