SRB2 Kart Bots? Oh my god! Player Bot Mod

[Reusable] SRB2 Kart Bots? Oh my god! Player Bot Mod Version 1 (Beta)


Player Bot-a mod that allows you to add bots to your game!
Multiplayer support is there, and setting up bots is very simple!
Works on the principle of FoxBot for SRB2!
Support for Battle Mode!
And much more!
A few concepts:


Knux Gang + Bot Gang :D



WARNING! Not all mods are supported for bots! (Acrobatics, Battle Plus, etc.)
Thank you to everyone who tested this mod on my private / public server, where I conducted the beta test!
Beta Testers:
All the people who tested the mod from the Kart Krew Discord server
First release
Last update
4.25 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest reviews

Not sure if the creator will read this, but this a pretty good mod. Strangely challenging and fun to race against, although it's not perfect.

The bots are constrained to a rail, which suffocates them of their full potential, maybe have the rail act like a tether instead of a track that the bot MUST follow.

The bots also have a tendency to rubber band towards each-other rather than the player. The result of this has them having unusually quick recoveries, regardless of their speed stat.

And finally, there *needs* to be more documentation on this mod, two guides did not need to be made if the creator provided actual, more detailed instructions for both mappers and players alike.

Other than that, pretty good mod. Fun to play. I like.
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It's a great mod! Now I don't have to be bored! But I wasn't clear on how to set waypoints since around before it came out. And yes, I was a beta tester to this mod. It was, pretty much the same. Just with more map support, a new level select GUI, etc.
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This is great. If we can have the bots work without the split screen and the sound effects, this mod will definitely help convince my friends to play.
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Wow! This was unexpected, and pretty cool - kudos for going the extra mile with a menu system for setting which players are AI. Nice work!
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For what is here already, this is pretty insane, though I have to dock it a few points because 1. it wasn't exactly clear how to set it up and i had to search through the discussion tab to find a solution, and 2. the amount of tracks available so far is... a little underwhelming. Still for what is here this this is insanely impressive.
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This mod is great so far! This will prove to be a legit 1P mode until SRB2 Kart v2 is out. Finally you can race or battle without the need of other people online!
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I'd call this one "get karted simulator" because with a lot of bots, you WILL get karted at one point no matter your placement lol

The setup is a bit weird in that you have to use splitscreen (as in, set yourself to 2-4 players) but outside of that, setting the extra/inactive players as bot and you're good to long as you select the map from the playerbot setup map (any maps picked outside of that will not have the bots working).

While Battle bots are dumber than a bag of bricks (they don't know to do more than bounce off walls like Orbinauts), it is still funny to see they do something there in first place. And about the Race bots, while they do seem a bit basic in paths (pretty much like old Mario Kart AI), it is still awesome to see this here, and as I said, it can give a fair taste of getting K A R T E D

Also, this is not simple to do for beginners but you can use more than 1 local instance to have more than 3 bots at a time (I ended up testing with 11 bots with 3 in my playable instance and 4+4 in two more background instances), which does get you the real KARTED experience.

At this point of course on top of a bit of polishing (if possible), getting to see more maps added (though I'll see if I can make versions of my maps that are compatible with this), and also adding some sort of guide to let people know how to use this for first time. With all that said, looking forward to see updates :D
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Well I'll be damned, this actually works. Not the brightest bunch, but it functions a lot more than I thought it would. I do wish you provided some guidance on how to get other players to make their own maps compatible with this!
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