SRB2 Kart Bots? Oh my god! Player Bot Mod

[Open Assets] SRB2 Kart Bots? Oh my god! Player Bot Mod Version 1 (Beta)


Player Bot-a mod that allows you to add bots to your game!
Multiplayer support is there, and setting up bots is very simple!
Works on the principle of FoxBot for SRB2!
Support for Battle Mode!
And much more!
A few concepts:


Knux Gang + Bot Gang :D



WARNING! Not all mods are supported for bots! (Acrobatics, Battle Plus, etc.)
Thank you to everyone who tested this mod on my private / public server, where I conducted the beta test!
Beta Testers:
All the people who tested the mod from the Kart Krew Discord server
First release
Last update
4.07 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest reviews

This bot is really useful! Too bad I'm bad at kart racers. Maybe you let the host be a bot too? That's my only request.
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A couple of issues if someone wants to take it over
No list of playable stages
Bots are too predicable when you learn the path they take*cough cough*dark race
Only three bots
Must be played in splitscreen
Like 10 playable stages
no difficulty levels
And stupid rubber-banding
Other than that it's good for when i want to play srb2kart but my online takes years to load
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Really Good, And This Might Be Too Much To Ask, But Can You Make Them Have A Learning AI, So That Way They Could Work On Any Custom Map? Rating Will Be A 5 Star If That Is Added
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great for when you have no wifi, but it needs A LOT, including: difficulty for the bots (I stood no chance), more local slots (I wanna play with more that 3 bots, up to 7 bots would be nice), battle mode ai that isn't running into walls over and over (it's funny though), and more (but I couldn't think of any more)
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This is cool but i got a problem how am i supposed to get this working? every time i try getting on it won't work also tried with the foxbot but still its not working
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Damn this is a REALLY good addon. I'm surprised the official devs haven't added this to the base game yet. Now I can play SRB2K with other people even if I have no one to play with. I highly recommend anyone who doesn't have anyone to play with to try this out.

The only problems I have with this mod is:

I can only add 4 players, the 16 players option doesn't seem to work (maybe I'm doing something wrong)

The bots while they do give you a decent challenge feel very artificial and clearly stick to a set path. Having them move around a lot more and use shortcuts would be appreciated

The limited amount of tracks sucks I would love to play with all the tracks I have downloaded. Maybe add a system where the bots will scan the layout of the track before the race starts

Even with these problems I have high hopes for the future of this addon I hope development for this continues.
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This is cool, but after a track starts the bots just go in a straight line or dont move at all for some reason, and is it possible to play in 1 screen as well instead of 4?
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Not sure if the creator will read this, but this a pretty good mod. Strangely challenging and fun to race against, although it's not perfect.

The bots are constrained to a rail, which suffocates them of their full potential, maybe have the rail act like a tether instead of a track that the bot MUST follow.

The bots also have a tendency to rubber band towards each-other rather than the player. The result of this has them having unusually quick recoveries, regardless of their speed stat.

And finally, there *needs* to be more documentation on this mod, two guides did not need to be made if the creator provided actual, more detailed instructions for both mappers and players alike.

Other than that, pretty good mod. Fun to play. I like.
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It's a great mod! Now I don't have to be bored! But I wasn't clear on how to set waypoints since around before it came out. And yes, I was a beta tester to this mod. It was, pretty much the same. Just with more map support, a new level select GUI, etc.
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This is great. If we can have the bots work without the split screen and the sound effects, this mod will definitely help convince my friends to play.
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