srb2 frontier <<canceled>>

srb2 frontier <<canceled>> 1.0.6

just to inform that the mod has been cancelled. Unlike the beginning of development, I have a very specific vision of what I want to do and it's not really what sonic frontiers is supposed to be. the next version of the mods will not have a large hub system around twenty levels at the release (there will be no demo in the meantime so there will be no news for several months)
Also someone could teach me lua it would be cool
nothing special just a emblem radar
Small fixes for cyberpace 1-12 and 1-8 if you find bug report it on discussion
it update enhanced cyberspace 1-1 with new path way and i fusion some part on the level with cyberspace 1-5 and now it s cyberspace 1-8


cyberspace 1-1 it a recreation of the original with aditionnal path


as well as cyberspace 1-2


and i made a level from sonic mania again cyberspace 1-12 or press garden act 2


finally this version have a secret level its not a full level just a preview . to unlock it you have to find at least 8 emblem and go to the extra menu


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