SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod

SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod (Characters Re-Carbonated PART 1)


Yeah I Know This One's A Weird Update, But Its Basically Just To Celebrate Halloween Okay?
(Yes Im Aware This Is Releasing Before Halloween)

(Oh And The Base Carbon Isles Demo 2 File Did Get Some Minor Tweaks Too)​
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Today celebrates the day carbon isles was released 2 months ago, as a celebration, Carbon Enhanced Characters was split from the main file, and a Custom HUD was added!

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Carbon Isles' Seaside Coast update is now Here!
Featuring the anticipated SCZ Remake!


So i have taken to the mod reviews at the moment, and i am making a patch to fix any errors or nitpicks or criticisms you had with previous versions
With that said, here are the aforementioned changes

Soda Facility Zone, Act 1
Added teleporter to accommodate for multiplayer
Added new visuals in certain areas
Improved elevator
Added act 2 elevator for immersion

Soda Facility Zone, Act 2
Added new visuals in certain areas
Added teleporters
Increased level length
Finished the zone

Soda Facility Zone, Act 3
Lowered Egg Slimer speed
Shrunk Egg Slimer NiGHTS track

This is the final patch before the next big update, stay tuned!​
This is just a minor bugfix patch and also a small level update for some maps

Soda Facility Zone 1
Added more rings in the indoor section

Soda Facility Zone 2
Added a 2nd checkpoint
Adjusted the turret room with a button
Made some corridors bigger
Fixed fence textures
Made pipes move down upon last button press
Added a floor in the chamber room
Made cutscenes shorter

Soda Facility Zone 3
Added better lighting effects
Removed some impassable walls
Slightly boosted Egg Slimer height​
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