SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod

SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod (Characters Re-Carbonated PART 1)

more on the joke review
here are my legitimate opinions
soda is cool very yummy.
i like the escape sequence it feels very cool and green forest like.
i like the lore the old town really makes the world feel like people other than sonic live in it.
seaside coast is a great opening level.
some of the music is great.
i'm in it =D
the other bits of music hurt my ears.
the egg slimer boss is too hard to kill for an escape sequence right after it.
my friend drank the soda turns out it kills you in 5 seconds if you do not swallow

overall outstanding mod take my 5 stars
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Ok so, first off saying I’m aware this is a demo, but what I’m rating and giving feedback on is the demo that’s here, not what the demo could be, and since it’s not a wip I’m guessing that’s what you want people to do

I wanna first say this map pack on paper, like at a base conceptual level is pretty cool, and there’s ideas that if fleshed out could be awesome

The escape sequence at the end was a cool idea (loved the lil cubicles lmao)
The flooding and castle sections have potential too, and a lot of the level design is at the very least like, serviceable, nothing about this demo like doesn’t function.
But that also doesn’t mean I think it’s well…exactly….good?

The biggest issue in this pack BY FAR is the music, it ranges from falling into the background, to not really enjoyable, to genuinely ear grating
And I’m saying this as someone who likes songs off of Sonic 4, and likes the classic tracks in forces

The first stage was the worst of it by far, genuinely could not stand that, after it got a little less grating, but it never got good, or stopped hurting the experience
I feel like melodically these COULD be good songs, like there IS something good there but it’s drowned in god awful faux genesis production that fails to understand what makes Genesis music sound like that, or use accurate instruments, in combination with what I think is the biggest problem, the amount of either out of key melodies, or detuned instruments, I’m not sure if it’s a case of just putting notes down with no key guide, or the instruments themselves being out of key but it makes it genuinely unbearable to listen to, and even when it is like…okay…it’s still just okay.

I’m not even saying this production style can’t work (even though I don’t think it’s a great idea) like I enjoy press factory act 1

But at its BEST this music sounds like someone making a funny bad midi version of a good song, it’s VERY rare id genuinely prefer something just use existing music instead of having a custom soundtrack but this is that exception

Okay so, the actual levels, I think are kind of mixed???
There’s a lot of just…single walls surrounding a location….and kind of an over reliance on vanilla textures despite the concept of this pack not really working super well with that

Like you have to tell me this is a soda thing…like there is no way I’d ever guess that otherwise, that soda slide for example? I would just think it was polluted water.

But I’m willing to accept that this pack doesn’t look amazing, or do a lot with its concept, because there are cool things

The aforementioned setpieces, while definitely not the best possible execution, show cool ideas. But it feels like when there are cool ideas they aren’t fleshed out.
The escape sequence in concept is really cool, things like the cubicles, or that section when you see an earlier level are EXACTLY what I think this pack does well, but there’s no timer or urgency, it doesn’t feel like I “just got out” because I very clearly could’ve just sat there and nothing would’ve happened, and if something would’ve and I didn’t know well….thats a different issue lmao.

The actual level design here is serviceable, sometimes it can be pretty annoying and obtuse, others it’s just kinda whatever
But I think this, in combination with the music, and everything else just lead to an experience that’s not that enjoyable.
I don’t think this pack is beyond salvaging, but I think it needs a TON of work, it might be a good idea to trim it down to what’s here, make those levels REALLY good, and then go on from there.
I was making maps in a similar way before, and all I can say is just practice, playtest, and get feedback.
What you’re trying to do here could be great, but it requires a LOT more than what’s here.
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omg I love the maps in this it fun to play through overall its just fun I love it
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Pretty good map pack. Levels are well designed too.
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Pretty decent despite being a demo. The levels are designed pretty well, and the music choices are decent as well. However, the character patches should've been made standalone if you ask me. That's the only thing holding it back. Otherwise, I see potential in this level pack.
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This has potential, and it is overall a great start to your adventure in mapping. There are a few things to point out though.

--The detons in their current positions can be cheesed to an extent (move to the right spot and they will not even leave their station as they hit the wall).

--Some pipe textures are not aligned. This should be easy to fix as their layouts are rather simple.

--The levels seem to end abruptly at the moment (ie. rather short and you wish you can see more).

Outside of that, the levels are currently not too confusing and very easy to get around in. Keep it up.
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For a demo, I think it's pretty solid. I do have some notes, though.

[✷]Maybe chill a bit with the Deton ambushes? Or at least don't have the rooms they take place in be so cramped.

[↡]The elevator in Act 1 should be sped up a bit. Takes a bit too long to go down.

[⏱]The multiple switches in Act 2 to fill that massive vial is kind of a neat visual, but don't feel necessary and feels like boring busywork. Either remove them or add more stuff so it's not just walking from one button to the next. Even just some simple platforming to each button could be fine.

[⌨]The room right before the end of Act 1 seems to have messed up sectors? I can't imagine you intended for the player to slowly lose rings while on land and not in the acid. Also, maybe use a different color for the draining acid to make it distinct from the acid that doesn't hurt you.

[🌤]The outside visuals in Act 1 look pretty good. In fact I think overall you do more natural looking environments a lot better than inside environments. Inside feels claustrophobic and the walls are pretty boring to look at with all being the same/similar grey metal texture.

[☠]The death pits the goop flows into in the big vial room should probably be made deeper to better convey "yes, this is in fact a death pit".

I don't think it's bad, but it could use some extra polish and tweaking still. Despite the issues, I still enjoyed my time with it. I look forward to seeing how this comes along. (✿◠‿◠)
Your Nitpicks Have Been Addressed And Fixed In The Improvement Patch, Hope You Enjoy!
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finally a great new campaign
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You know, this has the potential to become a pretty amazing addon, specially the fact that the only stage (known as Soda Facility Zone) was really challenging, with all the talent done to the stage, specially the Dr. Eggman battle, which i had to take down every single turret before focusing on Eggman, and i didn't know it could've ended right after the Eggman fight, other than that, i'm looking foward for this Addon's Development, specially the levels that would come out in the future, but for now, i must say this addon is amazing.
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again demo?
oh damn demos.
well that map pack is fun.
custom music are likes on custom midis from srb1.
i think i need wait all vesion.
and where My SODA?
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After playing through the demo I can say I'm impressed with what's done so far. I only have a few nitpicks.

-Some corridors (mainly Act 2) feel too tight and congested. Opening this up a little can help. Especially if somebody decides to play as a character with a larger hitbox. (E-102 Gamma and Ryder as examples.)

-While the camera panning to the green goo in Act 2 communicates what's happening well. The camera is robbed for too long which often leads to Sonic getting hurt by the turrets or enemies. I would recommend a better cover if you want to keep the cutscene or play a sound effect while still allowing the player to play.

-The boss might be difficult for characters like Fang and Amy.

But besides those very small nitpicks I'm excited to see more.
Your Nitpicks Have Been Addressed And Fixed In The Day One Patch, Hope You Enjoy!
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it's alright, my only problem are the music choices but that's more of a me thing lol, can't wait for the next demo!
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