SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod

SRB2 Carbon Isles Mod (Characters Re-Carbonated PART 1)

Just Let The Video Explain Stuff
Also Huge Credits To BlueTorch, He Was The Reason All This Could Get Done
Demo 3 Is Still Indev, But The Kind LUA Guy Of BlueTorch Has Helped Me Finish The Characters... Mostly. Sketchzelle Is Still In The Midst Of Creation, And As Such, He Will Be Released Later With His Own Dedicated Trailer.​
No Spoilers! Just Download The Special PK3 And Start Playing!
Things Are Quite Wacky...

Cant Have More Than 5 Files So I Gotta Just Attach A Link...

oh no...
The Normal File Is Still Here Though If You Wanna Play It Normally.​
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Howdy Y'all! Sketchzelle Traarum Prower Here! Demo 3 Has Been Taking... Quite A While To Be Finished, All Levels Being Remade For The Better And I Thought It Would Be Kind Of Me To Show Off A Few Upcoming Things For Carbon Isles!

Seaside Coast And Soda Facility Both Have Decently Big Changes, Alongside The Full Addition Of Zone 3: Lunar Landslide Zone, While A Few Dev Screenshots Were Shown On The Main Page For Carbon Isles, Here Are Some More!

Compared To Demo 2.3, Demo 3 Will Have More Cutscenes, One For Each Zone Intro, As Well As One For Each Boss Encounter


Remember Back In Demo 2 Where Seaside Legacy And Soda Legacy Were Secret Stages Accessed Via A Hidden Exit In Certain Acts? Well This Feature Is... Kinda Back, Forest Lake Zone Is Accessible From A Hidden Exit In One Of The Zones, But I'm Not Telling! That's Part Of The Mystery!
Alongside This, The Natural Zones Also Have Hidden Emerald Podium Locations, Finding One Will Send You To A Special Stage Related To The Zone You're In, Both Are Found In Act 1 And Skip The Rest Of That Act.

Red Star Rings Do Appear In Demo 2.3, But It's Kinda Just An Extra Bonus For Those 100% People, But In Demo 3, They Do Serve A Bigger Role, As They'll Let You Unlock Some Stages Upon Collecting Enough Of Them, Including The Up And Coming Winner Of The Carbon Isles ULDC! Submissions Are Still Being Accepted Until The 27th!
Carbon Isles ULDC Rules New.png

I Do Hope You End Up Enjoying Demo 3 When It Comes Out, Have A Great Day Y'all!
Its That Time Again For Another ULDC! Due To 0 Submissions Beforehand From A Major Time Crunch, Y'all Got A Whole 2 Months To Make Them Maps! There Have Been Some Changes To The Rules But They're Mostly The Same. After Submissions Are Due And The Map Pack Is Released, There Will Be A Voting Bracket, Whoever Is The Supreme Winner Shall Have Their Map Appear As The Replacement For Demo 2's Emerald Coast!
Carbon Isles ULDC Rules New.png
he was basically done LUAwise so i just gave him some placeholder sprites for anything unfinished so here ya go
And Just Like Clone Metal, Sketchzelle Was Made With The Help Of treybecausewhynot On Discord.
also yeah he's canonically a carbon isles character so he goes here
The Biggest Sketchzelle Drawing.png

Carbon Isles' Upcoming Side Villian Now In Playable Format!

Clone Metal Was Made With The Help Of treybecausewhynot On Discord, Because I'm A Little Slow Upstairs (I Lack Knowledge Of How To Make LUA)
Credit To Frostii For The XMomentum Projectile Code, And Credit To Blu Glacier For The Character Preset pk3.

Clone Metal Has Several Abilities, But That's All Explained Basically In This Image Below!

Oh Yeah He's Also Just Kinda OP Too

There Were Other Abilities That I Just Couldn't Fit On This List
But It's Just A Peelout By Holding Spin On The Ground

Anyways Enjoy Him If You Want Lol​
It Had Came To My Attention That Special stages were broken, so they aren't now.
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I Forgot To Add The Character Modifications And Custom Hud To The Update Oops

Discord Link: (Will Expire After A Week Of The Update's Release)
Ok, So Basically, Carbon Isles Is Moving Over To UDMF, But I Realized The New And Finished Versions Of The Still Binary Maps Would Otherwise Go Unreleased, So I Took My Demo 3 PK3, And Removed Any Stuff Relating To Zone 3.

I Hope You Have Fun With This New Update And Do Please Wish Me Luck On Demo 3!​