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[Reusable] SRB2 8-Bit Soundtrack 1.5.2

Have you ever wanted to hear SRB2 v2.2's music in 8-bit form? Well, now you can! I've arranged the entire soundtrack (or at least, the entire main campaign soundtrack) from the ground up in Famitracker using the VRC6 soundchip, and I've put all those covers in a WAD file so you can hear them in-game.

You can hear almost all of the covers on this YouTube playlist and my single-player campaign ones on my Bandcamp. Some of the short ones are exclusive to this mod.

For more information about this mod, including a full list of tracks covered and changelog, check out the discussion tab.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.5.2 (oops)

    Magma Caves Zone (SPEC6) was the wrong length because of a stupid mistake, now fixed Hopefully...
  2. Version 1.5.1 (small update, don't get excited)

    Added NSF for Flame Rift Zone because I forgot about it last update (MP_FIR) Small fixes to...
  3. Version 1.5

    Version 1.5 of this mod is out! Here's what I added: added Frozen Hillside Zone, Clockwork...

Latest reviews

This is a MASTER PEICE. No offence to the people who made the vanilla song but it's now impossible to play the game without adding this. I hope you plan to support every music like custom levels and Techno Legacy (Thats my favorite level I was kind of disappointed to not hear it)
Very glad you liked my mod! Honestly, the composers for SRB2 deserve full credit for making the original songs, even if you prefer my covers over them—I merely transcribed their music and adapted it into Famitracker.

If by "custom levels", you mean music not in music.dta or patch_music.pk3, I don't plan to add covers of those. However, I do plan to eventually cover most if not all of the music built into the game. I'm not sure how I'd tackle Techno Legacy's music, since that's not very different from the THZ2 music we know today.
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this was already amazing even before frozen hillside was added! now it's even more amazing thanks to the new additions! i love this mod and i hope that even more amazing 8-Bit remixes get added because these are amazing!
Glad to hear it! Eventually I'll take on the rest of the Mystic Realm tunes and the terrifying Azure Temple.
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These sound amazing. I didn't even realize there were gonna be actual VSTs for the cool dudes like me who use MIDI music. They remind me of Adventure Time or the Sonic Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions. Awesome job.
Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked my mod! I would like to point out that this mod doesn't use MIDIs at all. Rather, it has OGG files and NSF files, both exported from Famitracker.
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I really love 8 bit covers, and these are very well made. <3
Thank you!!
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