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Are you ready, kids?
SpongeBob is finally here!


"errm but how can he breath if he's on land?"
idk how could he breath on land during the first movie?

mmhm we love 16 angle mods

Join the Discord!

Me :) - Lua, Art
@Pacola - Lua
@Unmatched Bracket - Lua
@Banddy - Art
@luigi budd - Happy Hour stuff/Takis
@jisky - PT stuff
nickelodeon and paramount - sponegbob
And the Spongebob server for testing him out
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Latest updates

  1. "Wanna see me do it again?"

    Got rid of spongebobs run button (His default speed is now the same as Sonic) Made his hitbox...
  2. Someone cut the line...

    Moves the health counter thingy above the life count (Before it would overlap the life count in...
  3. BfB or BfBB

    changed the hammer attack to be more similar to bfbb/cosmic shake, moved the ground pound to c3...

Latest reviews

this singlehandedly changed my life
chaotixchars and deltachars mean nothing, this is the shit
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I mean.. It's fine I guess? I mean, it's nothing revolutionary or special but I mean, I guess not all mods have to be like that. I was hoping for it to feel like BFBB SpongeBob with the moves but I guess not.
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the most peakest mod in existence
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if only srb2 was this good in the base game...
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the srb2 mod of all time
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Wow!Very Good Mod!I Saw This Mod On DoMikoto's Video.
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I am sorry if I come off as overly negative, but this release honestly should have been a development build, not a finished, released mod. You clearly know how to make and import prerendered assets into the game so the fact that there is a complete lack of animations (besides a few assorted single frame animations, which you seem to have poorly ripped from screenshots?) is disappointing as this could have been a lot better than it is. It's easily my least favorite part of the mod and you could have put a lot more effort towards the visuals beyond a single STNDA.

I find the moveset to also be quite lacking. I admittedly haven't ever played Battle for Bikini Bottom before but his toolkit doesn't seem all that "Spongebob-like" which I acknowledge is a subjective opinion, but it leads to a character who, at least to me, is not that engaging to play as. (I also question the necessity to have a run button when you could have either given him regular acceleration or built his moveset around a slower movement speed).

His listed moveset is also a bit misleading as despite it stating that you need to hold the spin button for the ground pound, you only tap it once to be frozen in midair with no way to cancel out as he performs the slam. You also can't do the ground pound if you double jump, which isn't mentioned anywhere as far as I can tell. Aside from that, he basically just plays as Amy but with a better jump and a ground pound instead of midair hammer swing.

Overall, while it is technically competently coded and functions as intended this mod is a disappointing experience that I feel was put out way earlier than it should have. I'm leaving this review not to put you down or discourage you from making more mods, but rather so you can take the constructive criticism and learn for your future projects.
I didn’t really do much to the animations after making the STND. The karate animation was just random transparent images I found online lol. I didn’t find the move set that bad and neither did the discord when making it. I’ll release an update fixing the ground pound later.

sorry for disappointing you with this…
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I typed "I'm spongebob" in chat and I realized that this is peak srb2 modding
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Apart from the fact that he can't exactly fit into slightly small hallways, this is a real cool joke character!
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DIdn't you like the part of the Spongebob Movie where Spongebob got flung to Greenflower Mountain as a PK3 file? Yeah me too.
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