Speedy the Ringhogger

[Reusable] Speedy the Ringhogger 1.0

oh hey! ya see this kid here?
speedy CSSdoubleshrunk.png

he's new in town. new to this whole "saving the world from an asteroid" thing. but he's here!
speedy was exploring the woods of green flower zone and found a dirty backpack. he liked its color so he took it home to wash it. as he jumped from a rock he slowly floated down. he was quite confused. days later he was collecting some rings so he could buy the upcoming "srb2 battle ultimate" for the sega switch. and he was suprised by how many rings he could hold in it! then green flower mountain was destroyed. speedy loved hiking there. now he's gonna help team sonic to save the world!
you see that small transparent number at the top of the screen? thats how many rings you have banked! you can bank rings by pressing C1 and take some out by pressing/holding C2! incredibly helpful for bosses and such.
hold jump and you'll fall, but slowly!
things cant get much more basic than this. press spin on the ground and you'll spin forward a little bit destroying anything breakable in your path!
hope you enjoy this mod! may not seem like it, but an honest amount of work went into this!
Extem The Hedgeho, for coding the ringpack ability,
his sister, "Sera_of_Tramr", for drawing the CSS art,
and finally, Crispy and Gabriel_mega_Animator, for supporting the project. this mod couldnt have gotten much farther than a brown sonic with a useless backpack without them.
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hes... okay, some suggestions are to redo the backpack sprite, change the offsets of the character select screen art, make it so his jump height gets lowered from the amount of rings he has in his backpack, cause then it would make sense.
Thats actually an idea! Im trying to iron out the wrinkles...
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This guy reminds me of a CERTAIN person from a CERTAIN server on SRB2... Hmmmmm..... I wonder who it could be.
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Honestly this is very nice I don't mean to be picky, but I would love to see a functional Ring counter that you banked, a cooler slow fall animation, and the level select image a little smaller. BUT as I said thats me being a bit picky (So sorry about that). So overall this is outstanding how speedy and his cool blue backpack is in!
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It's a recolor with very limited capabilities and a pretty boring skillset, but the backpack is at least something different, which is just enough for releases. Incredibly exploitable though; if you have 199 rings banked, taking 199 out and collecting a 200th will give you 2 extra lives. Bank them all again, hit restart, and repeat the process for a 1 life profit each time, and accumulate infinite lives.
there is an update planned for speedy that adds a risk to having a lot of rings in your Ringpack.
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