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[Open Assets] Speedometer: How fast am I? v3

Update I've been sitting on for at least a few months. Features:
  • Fewer bad code practices. This was one of my first mods and my first hud mod, I was still learning how hud draws work then and made some less than stellar setups for previous versions of this mod. As a result though, this version should work more consistently with all non-green resolutions
  • MRCE: if mrce is loaded and its custom hud is enabled, the speedometer will be shifted up so it doesn't overlap
  • The speedometer will now read vertical movement as well instead of only horizontal when measuring speed, allowing for a more accurate reading
Should now actually function properly in netgames, each player having their own speedometer, instead of reading globally for all players
Also now supports I / O to save your display setting
Forgot to remove debug script. It was commented out, but still. Also forgot to set default option to FU / T
the speedometer now properly scales with hud transparency settings, and fades along with the rest of the hud