Spectral Star's Weird and random player colors.

[Reusable] Spectral Star's Weird and random player colors. 1.14 & supers 1.4

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A pack of 60 colors

probably won't be updated anymore.
who knows.

oh yeah um here have this:
Color 1: "Reverse Iceberg"

a basic blue color that i personally thought looked kinda cool. not the most interesting thing in the world but eh looks decent enough.

Color 2: "Cutie"

a very pink-ish color choice for those who like pink. named it that cause it looks kinda cute on some characters.

Color 3: "Actual Dogsh*t"

As the name implies, i hate this and have no idea why i made it. it's um "interesting" i guess?

Color 4: "Calmest Flame"

No idea why i named it that, considering it looks nothing like a flame, but i still kinda like it

Color 5: "Cheeto Puffs?!?! What?!"

I was originally gonna call this "Is that f*cking cheese? what the f*ck" but then i decided that would be too inappropriate (despite using Sh*t in an earlier name) this is probably the least unique color here.

Color 6: "Spooky Ghost"

I don't really have anything to say about this one other than don't use this one with 3D models, because the top will look really weird.

Color 7: "Hidden By Night"

If you get the reference, you get the reference. if you don't, you don't.

Color 8: "Asparagus Rose"

A color i personally thought looked really interesting.
dunno why i named it what i named it though

Color 9: "Hershey's Dark Chocolate"


Color 10: "Inverted Dogsh*t"

As the name implies, this is an inverted version of "actual dogsh*t"
(bonus note: this one looks really good with 3D models surprisingly. or at least it does in my opinion anyway)

Color 11: "Final Sunset"

if i'm being honest this one only really looks decent on metal sonic. (unless you use it with 3D models, then it looks fine)

Color 12: "Negative Energy"

yet another one of those "negative" style colors.

Color 13: "Frozen Flame"
View attachment 61932
reminds me of a diet pepsi can tbh

Color 14: "Burnt Into Depression"
View attachment 61933
Is "depression" a word i'm allowed to use?
i feel like it's not
but i'm using it anyway

Color 15: "Upside-down Sunflower"
View attachment 61934
i have no comment for this one.

Color 16: "Arid Gunslinger"
View attachment 61935
Tired of using Lavender for Fang but still want him to have a canon-like color pallet?
this is the color for you, then.

Color 17: "Never Turn Back"

a color made specifically for shadow. it's fine on other characters i just mostly had shadow in mind while making it.

Color 18: "Charming Magician"

The name is a reference, and the color itself looks pretty cool.
(bonus points if you can guess the reference. not sure what the bonus points will do but um you can have them i guess)

Color 19: "Dark Cerulean"

It's literally cerulean but darker what do you expect

Color 20: "Green Thunder"

Yet another reference. if you haven't figured out "Charming Magician" yet this one might help you.
it also might not.
i have no idea.
i don't know you people.

Color 21: "Reverse ToothPaste Lmao"
View attachment 62806
the only unique and interesting color in this update. i've seen a lot of people making "toothpaste" colors, so i made my own twist on it.

Colors 22, 23, and 24: "Crimson Flare", "Navy Hurricane", and "Neon Heartbreak"
View attachment 62807View attachment 62808View attachment 62809
Cheap, lame, rushed clones of "Green Thunder" from the last update.
while their names don't reference anything like green thunder did, if you have 4 players and use these 3 + Green Thunder you could reference a different Nintendo game...

Color 25: "Love Supernova"

week by week i get less creative. this is basically just vanilla's "Rosy" but ramped backwards.

Color 26: "Sprite Lemon Lime Soda"

Named it that because it looked like the Sprite soda logo.

Color 27: "Reverse Jet"

Pretty much just an inversion of vanilla's "Jet" color.

Color 28: "Fresh And Minty"

Basically the same as "Sprite Lemon Lime Soda" but without the yellow.

Color 29: "Lonely Night"

i was feeling particularly lonely one night when i couldn't sleep, which led to me looking out the window and seeing a beautiful purple-blue night sky, which is the inspiration for this color.

Color 30: "O' Warrior"

yet another reference to the same game that "Charming Magician" and "Green Thunder" reference.

Color 31: "Absolute Dreams"

I made a special color for Shadow a few updates back, so i figured i'd do one for Silver too

Color 32: "Foolish King"

I have no comment for this one.

Color 33: "Frozen Demon"

This one looks better while moving and jumping than on the player setup screen, trust me.

Color 34: "Champion Of Destruction"

The last color that will reference a specific game. surely with 4 colors referencing it, someone (that isn't in my immediate friend group) will get it now.

Color 35: "Toxic Earth"

I could write an entire essay about how much this one appeals to me and how i like it, but instead i'll continue with the list.

Color 36: "I Don't Chuckle"

A color made special for everybody's favorite echidna, Knuckles!

Color 37: "Reach For The Stars"

Basic blue color inspired by Sonic's palette in Sonic Colors/Colours Ultimate.

Color 38: "Juicy Watermelon"


Color 39 & Color 40: "Digital Circuit" & "Mad Matrix"


Two colors inspired by (and named after) specific stages in Shadow The Hedgehog

Color 41: "Light In The Dark"
View attachment 64313
(may or may not be a deltarune reference)

Color 42: "Another Cheesy Color"
View attachment 64314
very creative names we got today ammiright
(that was sarcasm for those who can't tell)

Color 43: "Night In The City"
View attachment 64315
really cool city themed color
(or maybe it's just a poorly executed Miitopia reference, you decide.)

Color 44: "Sweetest Of Passions"
View attachment 64316
About time amy got a dedicated color
(no, "cutie" was not a dedicated color for amy believe it or not)

Color 45: "Magical Grapefruit"
View attachment 65065
idk what makes it magical but it's magical.

Color 46: "The Reaper Cometh"
View attachment 65066
very very poorly executed shovel knight reference.

Color 47: "Tasty Mango"
View attachment 65068
2 fruit themed colors in one update.
w o w.

View attachment 65069
Also known as "Rainbow Dogsh*t" probably a reference to a Message Board style.

Color 49: "Night In The Ocean"
View attachment 65070
similar to, but also very different from the first color in the pack.

Color 50: "In The Finale Of The Finale"
View attachment 65071
"That is when the comeback that faltered comes back and beats your pathetic comeback that i scoff at!"
i swear to god no one is gonna get this reference are they

Color 51: "Nocturne Elite"

loosely based on the character Shade from Sonic Crhonicles: The Dark Brotherhood (yes that shitty DS RPG that nobody liked
Oh yeah btw i'm fully aware this looks nothing like the inspiration. that's why it's labelled as "loosely based on"

Color 52: "Cheesecake"

mmmm tasty

Color 53: Shining Neon Hope
View attachment 73507
i have no comment on this one.

Color 54: Actual Dogsh*t 2.0
View attachment 73508
Disclaimer: does not actually replace the original dogsh*t color.

Color 55: "Calming Neon Waves"
View attachment 78436
the thought process behind this one was
boring, to say the least.
it's basically just the first color in the pack but the top half is different.

Color 56: War Camouflage.
View attachment 78437
no comment.

Colors 57 & 58: "Spectral Star" & "Legacy Star"
View attachment 78438
View attachment 78439
I named a color after myself.

The "legacy" version is just a "brighter" "uglier" version if you couldn't tell just by looking.

these are also both very similar to earlier colors in the pack so meh.

Color 59: "Screaming Toxicity"
View attachment 83527
no comment.

Color 60: "Dazzling"
View attachment 83528
no comment.

We also have Super colors too!

Supercolor 1: "SUPER Green Thunder"

A super variant of "Green Thunder" from the main color pack.

(Important note: you MUST type "supercolor greenthunder" and NOT "supercolor green thunder" into the console for this to work)

Supercolor 2: "SUPER Asparagus Rose"

A super variant of "Asparagus Rose" from the main color pack

(Important note: As with the previous color, you MUST not use the space between the 2 words in the name. Type "supercolor asparagusrose" and not "supercolor asparagus rose")

Supercolor 3: "SUPER Burnt Into Depression"
srb20023 copy.gif

You get the point

(Important note: in the console, type "supercolor burntdepression" and Not "supercolor burnt into depression"/"supercolor burntintodepression" i removed the word "into" to make it shorter and easier to type out)

Supercolor 4: "SUPER Dogsh*t"
it's literally a 2-frame super color that flashes between "Actual Dogsh*t" and "Inverted Dogsh*t" from the main color pack.
(command: supercolor dogshit)

Supercolor 5: "Super Absolute Dreams"

A Supercolor made specifically for silver.
not perfect, i know.
(command: supercolor absolutedreams)

Supercolor 6: "Super Arid Gunslinger"

My personal take on what i think a Fang super form would look like
Starting with the base "Arid Gunslinger" color from the main color pack, transitioning into a bluer version of it, and back.
(Command: supercolor aridgunslinger)

Supercolor 7: "SUPER Cutie"

you know the drill by now.
supercolor variant of "Cutie" from main color pack.

(command: supercolor cutie)

Notice: Super colors are stored in a seperate file from the regular colors. additionally, supercolors require https://mb.srb2.org/threads/supercolors-revamp.34177/ to be used, meaning if you want both the regular colors and the super colors, you'll have to do the totally inconvenient act of adding 3 files instead of one.

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