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Speccy's Dungeon Crawler v1.7

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So... I made a Dungeon Crawler.


Background Info

This was originally going to be a hidden mode in a unreleased character of mine, but I felt it would be better if separated. So I separated it and took the time to learn stuff I didn't know before resulting in a mashup of RPG-ish mechanics like a HP Bar, Leveling System, and Inventory. (There's also a minimap which kind of spoils the location of everything except enemies-)

Floor Creator

Ah yes, the Floor creator.
Some friends of mine recommended that I should make it where players can make their own floors to play on, so I went ahead and did that. I got some help from Golden, LJ Sonik, and Flame with the saving and loading. So now you can save and load the floors you create.


Anything you save in the Floor Creator can also be loaded in the dungeon to play...
just don't forget to place a spring-

There also is the colors of each block on the creator, these tell you what is what that you are placing down.
GroundWallsSword BoxesShield BoxesPotion BoxesEggman BoxesFloor/Exit SpringPlayer Spawn

Controls & Commands


  • Custom 3 - Use a Potion from your Inventory. Only 1 thing listed... boring!

  • floorcreator - This will open and close the Floor creator.
  • loadmap <filename.txt> - This will load any floor that you have saved.
  • savemap <filename.txt> - This will save any floor with any filename you want, keep it a txt though!
  • addgamefloor <filename.txt> - This will add your floor to the second to last floor of the Dungeon.​
  • challenge <number|nothing> - Start a challenge, or look at the list of challenges.​

  • levelup <number> <playernumber> - Levels you up <number> times.​
  • swordtype <number 1-8> <playernumber> - Gives you Sword Number <number>.​
  • shieldtype <number 1-7> <playernumber> - Works like swordtype but for shields.​
  • loadgamefloor <number> - This will allow you to warp <number> floor in the dungeon.​


Inspiration: SmileBASIC's RPG demo, and Fatal Labyrinth. (Also Flame's Dungeon Crawler!)
Music: Fatal Labyrinth by SEGA.
Help with Lua: Golden LJ Sonik Flame Tatsuru Rapidgame7

Special Thanks to the SRB2 Official Server and my friends for helping me with this!
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Latest reviews

This is amazing!
Although there's only 1 level with 10 floors in it and that's it, the game is over.
Could you perhaps make some more main levels in the future?
Also the dungeon editor thing is really fun to use.
I haven't worked on this in quite the long time, the best thing to do is to likely remake it.
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It's definitely great, tough I seem to have a strange issue in which my audio in-game constantly cuts in and out while playing the mod. Dunno if it's my PC's own issue though, but I don't have this issue on anything else. Certainly not a framerate issue either.
Likely an issue with your PC, it works fine for me.
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It's very fun to play, and I liked the RPG style it had compared to Flame's Dungeon Crawler, it's also convinced me to try out some dungeon crawler games for some reason.
Dungeon Crawlers are pretty fun! Glad you enjoyed the RPG elements too!
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The Dungeon mod is a really great gametype! My only problem is the enemies when you make your own level, they are randomly spawned instead of letting the creator do it manually. It would be amazing if you could do that!
Sadly it's also randomly generated in the default floors too. It's based on if the block has nothing on it and a RNG to decide if a enemy will spawn on it.
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Say, this looks awfully familiar! Nice job on this!
Well, I guess you did subconsciously inspire me lol.
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Amazing Gametype!
Thank you! I actually plan on adding Multiplayer compatibility sooner or later.
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Welcome to releases! An interesting concept!
Thank you! I was actually kind of in a time cramp when finishing it up, so I couldn’t address certain things. I actually already have the next update ready, just need to wait till I have access my laptop again lol.
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