Sparks the Scarf Rider

[Reusable] Sparks the Scarf Rider 1.5.2

Some players who joined my co-op game helped me uncover a couple of bugs which will hopefully be fixed in the next version. Those are:
  • Twirl attack can somehow get disabled during multiplayer special stages (intermittent, cause unknown)
  • Holding the Spin button while in goop rapidly plays the "slam" sound
  • Potential softlock in CEZ3 (believed to be related to using the slam attack)
  • The audio loop while gliding underwater isn't seamless, though it's quiet so you usually can't hear it
  • The battle against Metal Sonic (at least the last hit) took a long time even with four players, so the difficulty in singleplayer might be unreasonable. That's the only part I couldn't get past, but I put it down to a lack of skill; additional feedback will be appreciated.
I hope there aren't any I'm forgetting. If you find any issues other than those listed, please let me know!