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[Sonic The Hedgehog Robo Blast 2 Kart and Not Top-Down] Combi Ring Team Racing


It's the combi ring! Possibly inspired by Knuckles Chaotix! Race alongside a partner chosen for you at random by the wheel of fate, and use all of the shared boosts and attraction physics at your disposal to catapult yourselves to victory. Those without partners will be assigned one.


  • Team-based racing via tether, for a unique experience every race (depending on your teammate)
  • Share boosts, miniturbos, invincibility and growth with your teammate to pull ahead of the competition
  • Rankings displayed per-team in real time and in the rankings screen, and finish alongside your teammate
  • Hold drift when respawning to shift side-to-side, if your current spot is bad for you or your teammate
  • Extra friends for those who are left without one!

known bugs:
  • When viewing another racer, the "Viewpoint" text overlaps with the team names and makes them impossible to read. (This is unfixable without adding more graphics under the overlay, which would leave less viewing area for racing.)
  • The SPB's spawn rate is very low due to how the vanilla game determines when to spawn it. (Considering how brutal the SPB is in this mode, I'd rather leave this unfixed.)
  • On the post-race results, positions are displayed as tied individual ranks. (There's nothing I can do to fix this.)
  • Lightning will hit your teammate if you're behind them when you activate it. They won't stay shrunk but will spin out and lose their item.
  • Battle mode _technically works_ but is not supported. Rankings are messed up and teammates still battle against each other.

gameplay tips:
  • The custom buttons operate turn signals!
    • Custom 1: Signal left
    • Custom 2: Signal right
    • Custom 3 OR Custom 1+2 together: Signal center
  • Use them on path splits, or if you want to take a shortcut! It's probably curteous to respond to your teammate's signal by pressing the same, as well.
  • The ideal team is similar speed class, opposite weight class. The light racer should be steering HARD into everything and anchoring the heavy racer while they drift wide for huge miniturbos. Taking opposite sides also lets you pull each other back in if one of you goes off the track!
  • If one of you hits a fake, the other can use grow or invincibility to nullify the explosion's effect. If neither of you have that, the one with the fake should blow up behind the other so they can be carried forward and mitigate the time loss.
  • Don't take difficult shortcuts if you don't trust your teammate to handle them, or you'll lose a lot of time.
  • ALL boost types are shared between racers. Grow and invincibility too.
    • Stagger miniturbos so that they overlap as little as possible for maximum gain from each turn.
    • Don't use sneakers at the same time or you'll waste one!
    • Combine grow and invincibility for a fun time.
  • Remember to always own up to your mistakes, and congratulate your teammate on what they do well!


  • minor changes to support a few other mods
  • fixed splitscreen hud when paused


  • respawning now brings your teammate to you if they were still respawning, to prevent respawn loops
  • friends! say "friend <player>" or use combi_friend in the console to befriend a player and always be paired with them
  • cvars are now properly netsynced
  • if you are in the air for over three seconds longer than your partner, you will be immediately respawned


  • combi_active toggles the script on and off (takes effect at the start of the next race)
  • fixed triplet pair glitch
  • added failsafe for getting stuck in gargoyles
  • changed respawn behavior: respawning player now hovers over their teammate
  • teammate's roulette now colorizes and flashes like 1.0.2+ roulette does
  • added splitscreen hud support (breaks when paused, sorry)
  • added replay mode (combi_replay on): moves name labels to fit with replay hud and adds a combined camera view

v1: Initial release

Thanks to the many people who joined the test netgames and kept them at an almost-constant 12-16 plaayers
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