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[Reusable] Sonic Kart VR Mod v1.0.5

v1.0.5 notes:
  • Fixed track intro comfort settings not applying when launched using -openvr instead of the ingame VR setting.
  • Changed how frames are rendered and submitted to vr headsets. This should improve performance and solve visual glitches for most users. Error 108 should be gone now.
  • Merged latest changes from moe mansion
v1.0.4 notes:
- New VR menu setting "Track Intros". This lets you either turn off the intro transition, remove the rotation, or leave it as is while in VR mode. Gentle rotation-free mode is the default setting.
- fixed an issue where the FOV cone would rotate the wrong direction when looking around during encore mode.
- opengl render loop can now push steamVR errors to the console and log
- merged latest changes from moe mansion (srb2kart web launch protocol)

v1.0.3 notes:
  • Updated the version string displayed in the main menu
  • UI will no longer be slightly cropped on the edges of the screen, UI elements may appearly slightly smaller as a side effect.
  • Fixed some maps (like balloon panic) altering the scale of the world in VR.
  • Now using skybox scaling from map headers to correct depth for skyboxes instead of making everything infinitely far away and flat. For 95% of maps this looks great with a few heinous exceptions, namely SMK Donut Plains and SMK Bowsers Castle.
  • New VR menu option "Scale World With Player". This will scale the world around the player making the world look smaller when they are big and the world look larger when they are shrunk. [On by default]
  • New VR menu option "Rotate Sprites With HMD". This let's you toggle on and off the previous update's sprite facing changes. As a side-effect if you turn this off the FOV cone will no longer follow where you are looking and will be locked in the forward position. [On by default]
  • New VR menu option to disable the stereoscopic skyboxes introduced in this update. [Off by default]

v1.0.2 notes:
  • Billboard sprites/characters will now always face you no matter what your orientation is.
  • Frustrum culling now follows the HMD look direction, this gets rid of the void that would be behind you when looking backwards over your shoulder.
  • If no renderer is selected, the game will default to OpenGL (when available), as VR requires it anyways.
v1.0.1 notes:
  • Head tracking now has 6DoF positional/rotational tracking.
  • World scale, UI distance, UI scale, and vertical camera lock can now be configured from the ingame VR settings.
  • When copying the per-eye render targets, pixels that will never be seen are now discarded.
  • Changed net-updates to happen per-frame and not per-eye-per-frame.
  • Fixed the FPS counter incorrectly reporting double the actual frame rate.
  • Cool!
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