Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo)

Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo) V1.2

yoooo guys im here for a new update where i changed stuff you didnt generally like
the eggman fight was very hard, even i knew that before adding it but i like the idea so i might put it in as a later bossfight
so i changed it to a 3d version

its a pretty lazy change, might remake the arena from scratch for another update

anyways i gave green hill some more texture variety and added a new path for space port

one thing i like about this being a forces themed level pack (for now) is that i can dismiss all actual problems and just say that "its faithful to the source material"

but being serious for a second i want feedback on problems you might have with this map pack
anyways thats about it for now, i wonder what ill add next
yo wassup guys i got some incredible news!
i probably wont work on this as sonic forces, ill try and rebrand this mod to a general level pack for more variety, but for now heres space port


honestly im not very happy with the result, its a very linear stage with few shortcuts (at least its faithful) and a cutscene for some reason, might add more alternate paths in a future update.