Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo)

Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo) V1.2

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Green Hills lookin' a lot more like sand hill right now


Hey wait, where are you going?
Hey gang, its me, gamerboy8000 showing you Sonic Forces (With better level design (Not that i had a problem with it (I dont have good opinions) ) )
Uhhhh yeah probably not going to do much with this, might release a few more levels and thats it .
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  1. Bugfixes + stuff

    yoooo guys im here for a new update where i changed stuff you didnt generally like the eggman...
  2. Space port & Eggman bossfight

    yo wassup guys i got some incredible news! i probably wont work on this as sonic forces, ill...

Latest reviews

Just a straight up solid level pack!
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very fun and well made, seriously, that was amazing!
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This level pack is really fun but I am going to analyze it a little more in depth

Lost Valley:

It is a good level it has multiple paths and with the last update the textures became less repetitive now there is the level design here is good multiple paths and sometimes you have to master it to go faster that applies well here and the 2D sections here are very good

Space Port

I had been waiting for this level for a long time but now I can talk about the Space Port, it has one of my favorite Forces themes so I wanted to see it here and I will say that the work is very good, as with Lost Valley, it has multiple paths here a little less but the level It flows well in general the textures are fine but I don't quite love it but it's just my opinion another thing the scene that replaces the one from the original game is very good I don't see any problems this would naturally ruin the speedrun but being able to omit it doesn't
So This level is simply fantastic, it doesn't have as many alternative paths as lost valley, but it's a very good level apart from that, that can be further fixed


1-That the levels with the same theme have more things to distinguish themselves as the textures and the background

2-It would be a good idea to make the levels of classic sonic completely in 2D that would be very good

3-This is a not so smart idea and it is to alter the order of the levels so that they are of the same theme for example
Lost Valley, Guardian Rock, Faded Hill
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For reference: I've been playing with a controller, I've played all three levels with Whisper, Modern Sonic and Vanilla Sonic & Tails.

In general the level design feels nice although a few corners are a little tight. For the most part the levels are easy to traverse without feeling boring. Particulary the 2D sections seem well done to me. The Space Port cutscene worked with all characters I used (except for a timing issue with the laser canons when playing Modern Sonic?)

That being said goal signs could be placed better so they are easier to see. Space Port's outside 3D section with the spirals could do with a bit more direction hints and the inside sections are a bit dark. The textures could be aligned better and have a bit more variety, especially in Space Port, but for a demo this is fine.

As the boss is Vanilla GHZ3 in a different arena I'm not going to argue about its difficulty but the outside of the arena is missing a death pit sector type. (Only mentioning this as I was able to leave the arena with Modern Sonic, Tails would likely also be able to do that)

In general a solid pack and I'd be interested to see what you make of this.
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An alright level pack, longer levels with more paths to explore already makes this a big step up from Forces in level design department (you actually have time to properly listen to the levels music this time heh) but it's not without issues:

- The very last section of the first level can get a little confusing trying to find where the exit is.
- The idea of being able to jump to background area in the boss act is interesting but with the boss also being able to move freely it can get annoying and make the boss act drag for too long due to how unpredictable its attacks can be in 2D, this would have been much better and more interesting and would have differentiated it a bit from the original game's level if it were 3D.
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if i'm being honest, i feel like there were more negative things then when i last reviewed this level pack, not to say it's bad i do still see potential for this still and i think it's way better then forces will ever be at level design, but i just hope that some of these issues get approved the next update. number 1: cp's beginning made me die the first two times thanks to the camera angle changing the controls and making me fall to my death.
number 2: i think cp is a lil too empty and i wish there was more of that orange lighting like in forces.
number 3. the cp section that is inspired by the qte cutscene made me loss a couple lifes (if it's a joke that would make sense why that happened). number 4.the boss is a nightmare to play and took me way too long to defeat thanks to the boss not fitting for 2D.
overall it's a nice level pack that i hope the best for, and i don't mean to upset anyone i'm just getting my opinion out there, and i hope this gets finished because i wish forces was alot better with the levels and physics, and i think srb2 is a good game and one of my fav mods was the 06 mod based on a very hated sonic game like forces, so again i do have hope for this level pack
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Very good levels, excited for more updates.
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I meant to write a review on this map pack before but seeing as the new update dropped I'll share my thoughts here.

Sand Hill - Decent stage, I had fun playing through it all. Collecting the Red Stars was fun. A tad bit blocky but otherwise pretty ignorable.

Space Port - Another decent stage, I got a bit lost so maybe some arrows would work fine. When playing through this level as a modded character (Flare to be exact) he kept getting stuck on that one ramp near the end of the cutscene. While the other characters I played didn't get stuck (Sonic, Tails). This leads to my next topic. While the cutscenes are cool and all and add to the flare (pun may or may not be intended), didn't work for me one time but worked fine the other with guess who.

I'd recommend testing stages with multiple characters to make sure they don't struggle/get stuck in certain parts of the stage. Maybe you can get some friends to test levels with characters so the process isn't tough.

Eggman Fight - The worst part of this update. While the idea of a 2D boss is good in concept it just didn't work. I struggled with all the characters I played and died way more than I should of. This should of been a traditional boss fight personally.

Despite all that it's pretty good, I'm sure with enough time this will turn out great! Never give up and drink plenty of water, this can go places!
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A very promising start to what I hope will become a nice-looking level pack. The level itself feels nice and open with many paths, yet it is not too difficult to figure out the way forward. The various zoom-tube 'cutscenes' look well-made. The length is also pretty decent and manages to not feel too repetitive.

It is only three stars because it is currently this one map, and outside of the red rings replacing emblems and the usual things like music, there is not a lot of customization of things like badniks yet.
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Better than the entirety of Sonic Forces and also some levels I've seen in OLDC packs. It has everything that's good from a SRB2 level, different paths lots of open space, places where you can utilize a characters mobility to get through faster and doesn't have 10000 rings. Though there are some problems like 1 emblem being unobtainable, record attack isn't available and the special stages breaking. overall really good level.
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