Sonic Adventure 2 Race

Sonic Adventure 2 Race 1.0

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This map is supposed to be a sequel to Leonard The Mutant's map pack SADX race. Me and my friend LeonardoTheMutant (Check out his SADXRACE pack ) have been colaborating on this pack. This is what my other map City Escape has become which you can go to the buggy shitty old version here:

Both maps feature custom textures.

This includes a less claustrophobic version of City Escape with posters among other improvement. As well as Pyramid cave which LeonardoTheMutant made.

WARNING: Pyramid cave have ringslayer gametypes support so make sure you have the race game mode on while playing if you want to play this pack for the real reason you would play it.

Circuit Labs Team is built from:
- SandichCinema/YellowBlur
- LeonardoTheMutant/LeoTM

- City Escape (MAPB0)
- Pyramid Cave (MAPB1)
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can you make a full ctf version of pyramid cave, like the level turned into a ctf map
Sandwhich Cinema
Sandwhich Cinema
Well sure, as long as I will have more of these maps to make a new pack of CTFs
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Pretty well made! but, can you do a SA1 version?
Sandwhich Cinema
Sandwhich Cinema
A friend of mine who actually helped work on this pack did that! Here's a link!
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A pretty good reimagining of the original levels. I have yet to play with friends, but I'd expect it to be fun. MIDI support is also a nice touch. Not many levels seem to support it anymore.
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Welcome to releases!
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