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What the heck is that.
Flouncing is Sonc bouncing around because he has no control of his jump.


You can also do the flounce on the ground!

Sonc's Walljump makes him able to jump off walls, this can be very useful.


Pressing spin while flouncing will give Sonc a burst of height! However, you can only use it once.


aquaponiee - Flounce Code, Sprites
Basic Bronze Sonic - Sprites
Hurricane - Sprites, Lua
Peppermint - Sprites
the sonc himself - CSS Art
TheChaoGardenDude - Sprites
Trevor - Walljump Code, Sprites

He can't spindash, but he can roll, though his roll is pure dogwater as it can't damage enemies either.

Have fun playing as him!​
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Latest reviews

honestly a really fun character, at first i didn't know why walljumps were bound to spin but i quickly understood (it's so you don't accidentally flounce and bonk off the wall) 10/10 character !!!
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A really great mod, the controls are stable, he turns pretty well, and his Flounce can really come in handy when needed. Nice job man!
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THIS BITCH STOLE MY NAME. other than that its pretty fun
Upvote 0
i fucking love this shit so much
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Sonc mod is cool, i hope you will add Tail that will have one tail and super small flying time, and Knuck that cant "Fly" because he doesnt have arms, but he CAN kill robots by spindash or jumping(OP Joke version: Knuck can instant kill even bosses by jump or spindash, but that ability needs 5 rings)
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sonc is nice. sonc has a very good moveset. I would love to see someone like Tils or Kckles.
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best sonic version on the mb.. /j
my only complain is that you didnt mention that flounce boost needs you to be running so you're able to use it
Upvote 1
Jokes aside sonc actually controls really well. he's got way more verticallity than sonic
Upvote 1
i wonder if there would be sonc and tail next update
Upvote 3
It's beautiful.
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