Okay... this is a bit of a confusing update, so let me explain.

SI-HTpak was a whopping 60mb, one of the largest track packs on the message board. The upload limit is 64mb. So, from here on out, the SI-HT contest packs will be packaged separately.

The naming scheme will be KR[L]_SI-HTpak_ContestTheme_Vxx.pk3

- SI-HTpak V2 split into SI-HTpak_HighLapcounts_V1.2 and SI-HTpak_VanillaRedux_v1.1

- Fixed stray death plane in Dimensional Cruise (High Lapcounts)
- Added missing textures and solid FOF barrier to Rusty Rig (Vanilla Redux)
- Fixed passthrough fence in Techno Hill (Vanilla Redux)
Now that it's been a bit over a month, the creators of the maps in SI-HT MC2 have had ample time to polish and perfect their maps. They're finally available for public release!

- Added SI-HT MC2 maps
- Some maps are omitted and will be added in the future by creator's request.
- Release
- Added RA Replays from the SI-HT Discord
- Added death plane in Magma Valley
- Fixed respawn gbj in Dimensional Cruise