Shrooms' Funny Characters

Shrooms' Funny Characters V1.2 - The Garello Update

You asked for it (and by you I mean the one person who was talking to me) and I have answered the people!

Garello is here! Now you can cough your way across the universe with this new character and take the world by storm. Big thanks to tropluckyfr for this idea, which was a very good idea might I add. Garello's different colors affect the appearance of his hat and coat. It does this weird thing where if the color contains multiple different colors, it layers them. It is rather odd, but I thought it was cool, so I left it in. This can result in some crazy color combinations.

Stay tuned for more "quality" content.
Shrooms out.


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You may love him, and you may hate him, but now he is here! Amogus is joining the SRB2K crew!

In this update, Amogus is now a playable character. Despite looking similar to Tiky, they could not be more different.
Now you can clown around with the funny spaceman himself who also needs no kart to travel, and is rather cute.

Hope you enjoy this "quality" update.
Shrooms out.


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