Shino the Lesser Panda

Shino the Lesser Panda 1.1

i'm sorry if i'm too mean but i feel like the sprite needs more polish
and i feel like the horizontal and vertical boost should have some sort of unique animation and i think shino needs a bit more personality
he just feels like a soulless husk most of the time
as for the gameplay i think the ability's should be usable after using an
spring feels more natural you know but other than that
it's pretty good
I agree with you on most of these but unfortunately this is my first character so I don’t have much spriting experience. Initially I had planned for him to have unique animations for his ability but I got frustrated and had a hard time finishing him so I cut those animations. I just felt I was better off getting more experience by starting another character and trying a different method. Maybe eventually if I get better I’ll come back and update his sprites but I can’t see that happening any time soon.
As for the spring thing you mentioned I have to disagree with that point since almost every character can’t use their ability after using a spring.
I hope this helped explain why he is the way he is. I also would have liked for him to be a bit better.
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Neat Character, i love it, also im getting boost ring vibes from the coop thingie, neat
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This is pretty good and very fun. When it comes to bosses everything is going to get messed up which I will find funny. Though I REALLY thought when you are super you get infinite boost and when I found out you can't I was a bit disappointed same when you didn't let us have an extra boost when your super. If you can do the infinite star boosts or give Shino a more stronger star boost I would be very happy. If not I understand. After all that this is a very good mod all together and I recommend checking Shino out
Thanks for the feedback! In the 1.1 update I've made it so you have double the Star Boosts while super. The update is currently awaiting approval but it should be up soon!
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Welcome to releases!
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